Can Faith Really Overcome Fear?

Can Faith Really Overcome Fear?

There it is looming in front of you; that mountain that seems impossible to move. Forget moving that daunting thing. You would settle for a way around it or through it – basically any way to make this road seem not so rocky. Maybe then this burden would feel bearable and life might stand a chance at returning to normal. You are battling a fear that threatens to swallow you whole. This fear is all consuming, and gnaws at your heart until you wonder if it will explode. This anxiety weighs you down with a force so powerful, you feel immobilized and incapable of life outside of this situation. Yet somewhere in the recesses of your mind, you remember that God loves … Read more

6 Creative Ways a Mom Can Fit Meaningful Bible Study into Her Day

6 Creative Ways a Mom Can Fit Meaningful Bible Study into Her Day

We all know that it would be best to wake up at 5am to get our Bible Study done before everyone in the house wakes up, but let’s admit it, this is just not always possible in certain stages of motherhood. Try having a meaningful Bible Study when you are prying your eyes apart because you were up with the baby all night.  Theology before 3 cups of coffee?  I don’t think so. I have found a few creative things, that help me to make sure that Bible Study is a top priority that makes the schedule each and every day. 1.) Break your Bible Study up during the day. Try breaking your Bible Study up during the day into … Read more

Love Scripture Cards Printables

Share God’s LOVE with this FREE Printable Scripture Toolkit

Do you need regular reminders about God’s love for you during your day? We all need to be reminded regularly of who we are in Christ. We also are called, as Christians, to share God’s love with those around us. Print the new LOVE Scripture pack to use for yourself or to gift to a friend. You will receive 4 beautiful pages in your download: 12 Scripture Cards 1 Scripture Wall 8×10 Wall Art Print 1 Journaling Page Hang the art print up in a visible location in your home or office to remind you of God’s love for you, or frame and give to a friend. Utilize the journaling page during your quiet time to help you recall prayer … Read more

Elegant Printable Gift Kit to Bless a Sister in Christ!

An Elegant Gift Creation Kit to Bless your Sister in Christ!

Do you enjoy giving a gift to a sweet Sister in Christ that will bless and encourage her in the Lord? If so, you will LOVE these elegant printable gift boxes and greeting cards that we have for you! An Encouraging Gift for Every Occasion! Whether you are looking for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, or any day to give a gift to your Sister in Christ, this gift giving kit is the perfect way to share your encouraging message. Each printable gift element proclaims God’s Word with Scripture and Christian Quotes that will both inspire and challenge your friend to look to Christ in every situation! What will it include? With your download you will receive a myriad of printable … Read more

Greet the New Year Grounded in God's Word

Greet the New Year Grounded in God’s Word

The new trend is to choose a single word as a theme for the new year in place of or alongside your standard New Year’s resolutions. Have you chosen your word for the new year? A Word vs. A Resolution The thing with choosing a single word or making New Year’s resolutions is that we rarely see them through to the end. According to Huffington Post, only 8% of people actually succeed at completing their New Year’s resolutions. WOW! Those are quite the discouraging statistical odds. I believe the dividing line between choosing a word versus a resolution for the new year is the heart behind the tradition. One might make a resolution such as reading one book every month … Read more

Finding Joy in Who You Are in Christ Printable Pack

Find Your Joy in Christ Scripture Printable Pack

If you live gladly to make others glad in God, your life will be hard, your risks will be high, and your joy will be full. ~ John Piper Here on Talking Mom2Mom we often discuss how to find joy as moms. In the midst of all the housekeeping, homeschooling, working from home, and the myriad of other things we do as women, wives, and mothers. Joy and contentment are desired but often feel unattainable. Joy and contentment can only be found in Christ. It is the resting in Jesus when times are tough that give us an inward peace that ignites joy, but it is the expression of His love toward others that fans the flame of joy in … Read more