FREE Scripture Memory Scavenger Hunt Game

Go on a Scripture Memory Scavenger Hunt as a Family

It is almost summer and kids are ready to play outside rather than finish school inside. Turn your Bible memory work in to a game with this FREE for a limited time Scripture Scavenger Hunt Game. Included in this FREE Printable pack is 20 colorful cards.  Cards can be printed front and back.  Each card has an image with its name on the front and a corresponding Bible verse on the back. Bible verses are in the New American Standard Version. Use these cards to practice Scripture memory as well as sight word reading.  These cards can be used for ages 4-10 years for a fun family game.If you have younger children, help them to read the verses or have them … Read more

Summer FUN BINGO Game Printable Sets

Excited for Summer? Download these FREE BINGO Games for Your Next Road Trip!

Going on vacation? Have a summer birthday? Need to entertain the kids for a fraction of a second on a long road trip? Download these Summer FUN BINGO Game Printable Sets for a quick way to entertain on the go this summer! What will you receive in your download? 1 set of 4 Camping themed BINGO Cards 1 set of 4 Road Trip themed BINGO Cards It can be difficult to entertain kids on a long trip. I just ended a 23.5 hour drive both ways last week with my husband and 6 kids 10 years and younger. Having little activity pages like this along with our trusted Usborne books on the road were necessary to keep kids happy. I … Read more

When Siblings Squabble and How to Help Them Work Through It + a FREE Download

When Siblings Squabble and How to Help Them Work Through It + a FREE Download

I have 6 kids, 10 years and younger. There are constant sibling squabbles in our household. Some days are worse than others. I am often asked how I control the fighting, both by friends and even by readers. We are by no means perfect but we have found ways to calm the chaos. 1. Give them Space. Because we homeschool, my kids are together 24/7. That gets really tiresome for everyone. If you live in a smaller home this is even more difficult, but can be done. There needs to be a time each day where everyone has some quiet time. If arguing begins, people need to go to their own corners to cool off. This is important, because sometimes … Read more

Construction Themed Activities for Elementary Kids

Tongue Twisters for Kids and More in this Construction Zone Themed Activity Pack

We are coming to the close of the school year, and I find that my kids are starving for activities to break up the monotony of the school day. If you are in the same boat, I know that your children will enjoy our new construction themed activity pack as much as mine have. Whether you have an “all-boy” kind of son or daughters that love to build things just like Dad, these printable pages will have something for everyone. We introduced our new Construction themed Riddle Reader for Preschoolers. Now we have a fun activity pack for the older kids. There is so much packed into this download. Get it quick because it is only FREE for a limited … Read more

FREE Construction Themed Riddle Reader for Preschoolers

FREE Construction Zone Riddle Reader for Preschoolers

Do your children love to play with Daddy’s tools?  Do they shriek with excitement every time you pass a construction zone on the road while driving? Well my kids sure do! My son has his own workbench out in the garage next to his dad’s.  My husband enjoys a little project carpentry so my son has to have his woodworking tools as well.  The girls like to get in on it, but not as much as my son does.  It just makes his day to spend an entire afternoon off with Daddy hammering away and “fixing” things. He has even made a few things, like a wooden cross that we put up for decor around the house. It makes for a … Read more

The Value of Handicrafts + a FREE Download

The Value of Handicrafts + a FREE Download

If you are familiar with the Charlotte Mason method of homeschooling, I am sure you have heard about her desire for children to pursue a love and knowledge of handicrafts. According to Charlotte Mason, handicrafts should be taught one at a time. The parent should instruct slowly and carefully while helping the child pay attention to detail. The quality and usefulness of the final product is important. There are many ways to learn, and as a mom you do not have to be a pro at any or all of the handicrafts available. It is just important that you show your child an active desire to continue learning in you as well as equip your child with the proper resources … Read more