The ABC’s For Godly Children Bible Curriculum

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What Are Others Saying?

“I am an avid promoter of teaching children of any age Biblical doctrine and theology in order for them to have a solid foundation to their beliefs. I also believe character training is crucial to any discipline style to allow little ones to begin to understand their fallen nature and the characteristics that they must begin to develop. For that reason, I can highly recommend The ABC’s for Godly Children curriculum.”~ Jenni Mullinex of Live Called

 “The ABC’s For Godly Children has truly made such a difference in our homeschool routine! I can honestly say, even if I wasn’t homeschooling, I would try to implement in some form or fashion to our daily routine!”~ Nikki Hughes of Intentional Homeschool

“If you are looking for a simple method of teaching your child Godly character look no further.” ~ Richele McFarlin at

What Is The ABC’s For Godly Children?

The ABC’s For Godly Children is a comprehensive, Bible eCurriculum centered around teaching children ages 4-10 about the God they serve and how to have a heart like His.

By using each letter of the alphabet a Bible lesson is presented in an understandable and interactive format to teach core truths concerning the Gospel, Godly Character, and Biblical Manhood and Womanhood. Your children will learn their ABC’s and a necessary Biblical foundation as they connect them through Scripture memorization, detailed lessons, simple crafts, and interactive song.

This curriculum can be used as part of family devotions, a single or supplemental homeschool curriculum, or even as part of a Sunday School class program. It is a flexible curriculum with all of the tools to aid its teacher, but can easily be added to if desired.

In our home The ABC’s For Godly Girls is used as part of our “Subject of The Week” Program. You can see how I implement this curriculum HERE.

This curriculum teaches children many necessary lessons in one package:

1.) Christian Character and Virtues
2.) Biblical Womanhood (Godly Girls)
3.) Biblical Manhood (Godly Boys)
4.) Basic Doctrine and Theology

It includes many fun and educational resources:

1.) The ABC’s For Godly Girls Teacher’s Guide
2.) The ABC’s For Godly Girls Scripture Flash Cards
3.) Hiding God’s Word In My Heart Coywork
4.) Godly Virtues BINGO Game
5.) The Pathway To Salvation Maze

What does each lesson contain?

1.) A Primary Bible Memory Verse
2.) Bonus Bible Memory Verses
3.) A Detailed and Interactive Lesson
4.) An Activity Prompt
5.) A Craft Idea

The ABC’s For Godly Children can be purchased separately, as there is one for boys and one for girls, or together in a discounted bundle package.  Still not sure if you want to make a purchase?  Visit The ABC’s For Godly Girls or The ABC’s For Godly Boys for more information.

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Printing The ABC’s For Godly Children Curriculum

I realize that printing costs can sometimes sway a decision as to whether or not to buy a purely downloadable curriculum. I have weighed that cost in my pricing of The ABC’s For Godly Children Bible Curriculum, in an effort to bring you a quality product at a low price which will not burden you with excessive costs after your purchase. I have a few suggestions to help you save when printing this curriculum.

Read lessons from an eReader or from your computer rather than printing the Teacher’s Manual with intention to store in print format.

If you would like to print the Teacher’s Manual, print one lesson at a time, or group of lessons at a time. If you are using The ABC’s For Godly Children Curriculum only once a week as a supplement to your current Bible Curriculum then print only one month’s set of lessons at a time, punch holes, and store in binder.

Print the Flash Cards 2 or 4 to a page rather than one to a page. You can see how to do this HERE.


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