The ABC’s For Godly Girls

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Had to pull out the letter A tonight (for girls)! I love that when my 7 year old uses her “big girl” attitude and smirk, all I have to do is show her A and we reread the verse together and talk about why a good attitude is important. Thank you for creating a truely useful tool that works in everyday situations! – Rebecca

What Is The ABC’s For Godly Girls?

The ABC’s For Godly Girls is a comprehensive, digital Bible Curriculum centered around teaching girls ages 4-10 about the God they serve and how to have a heart like His.

By using each letter of the alphabet a Bible lesson is presented in an understandable and interactive format to teach core truths concerning the Gospel, Godly Character, and Biblical Womanhood. Your daughters will learn their ABC’s and a necessary Biblical foundation as they connect them through Scripture memorization, detailed lessons, simple crafts, and interactive song.

This curriculum can be used as part of family devotions, a single or supplemental homeschool curriculum, or even as part of a Sunday School class program. It is a flexible curriculum with all of the tools to aid its teacher in a full program, but can easily be added to if desired.

In our home The ABC’s For Godly Girls is used as part of our “Subject of The Week” Program. You can see how I implement this curriculum HERE.

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 This curriculum teaches children many necessary lessons in one package:

1.) Christian Character and Virtues
2.) Biblical Womanhood
3.) Basic Doctrine and Theology

It includes many fun and educational resources:

1.) The ABC’s For Godly Girls Teacher’s Guide
2.) The ABC’s For Godly Girls Scripture Flash Cards
3.) Hiding God’s Word In My Heart Copywork
4.) Godly Virtues BINGO Game
5.) The Pathway To Salvation Maze

What does each lesson contain?

1.) A Primary Bible Memory Verse
2.) Bonus Bible Memory Verses
3.) A Detailed and Interactive Lesson
4.) An Activity Prompt
5.) A Craft Idea

The ABC’s For Godly Children can be purchased separately, as there is one for boys and one for girls, or together in a discounted bundle package.  This is a digital curriculum that will come to you in a downloadable PDF file for your personal use.

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Why Is Teaching Biblical Doctrine and Theology At Such A Young Age Important?

I have heard more than my fair share of people say to me, “Doctrine and Theology is not important. We should just stick to what the Bible teaches.” The problem with this statement is that doctrine and theology IS what the Bible teaches. The Bible teaches us about God (theology) and about His ways and commands (doctrine). Our goal as parents is to teach our children right theology and right doctrine. This curriculum is meant to be an aid to you as you traverse these difficult subjects during your child’s Biblical education.

We cannot ignore its importance. We must guard our children against false teaching and prepare them for the Christian walk we pray is ahead of them.

How Is Character Training Different Than Discipline?

Discipline is not the “fun” part of parenting but it is a necessity. Discipline is what we do after the need arises. A child lies so we punish them. Child training, on the other hand, is premeditated and it concerns the heart of the child more so than the actions. The purpose of child training is to teach the child his sinful state before the Holy God and that through disobedience the offense is not against us as the parent but against God Himself. This opens the avenue of sharing salvation with the child and the grace and mercy that our loving God offers to those who love Him and have faith in His Son.

This curriculum introduces certain character traits that the bible commands Christians to possess such as love and purity. By preemptively training the child, Biblical truths are instilled so that when the child sins, as a parent you do not have to start from scratch. Take them back to the Word of God and discuss what they know to be true, discipline them, and offer them the same love and mercy that Christ give you, Father or Mother, when you sin against Him. Our example is the best lessons we can teach our children. We are sinners, God saved us, and now we are His disciples. When we fall, we must repent. He forgives. Even if we must suffer consequences if this life our God is always faithful.

Why Do I Need To Teach My Little Girl The Subject of Biblical Womanhood?

 Far too many girls are being raised today without any understanding of what the Bible has to say about the qualities a godly woman should possess. Modesty, purity, virtue, a right understanding of beauty are just a few of the things girls should be taught from a young age. With the secular culture that we live in and all of the media surrounding us, girls are bobarded with every kind of lie just lying in wait to destroy them. We must watch carefully what is being funneled into our children, may it be profitable and goly, not those things that are of this world. Our goal ought to be that our girls, whom we diligently train by word and by example to be godly women ,hear at the end of their lives, “Many women have done excellently, but you surpass them all.” (Proverbs 31:29)

The ABC’s For Godly Girls Curriculum Contents

A is for Attitude                             N is for Neighbor

B is for Beauty                                O is for Obedience

C is for Courage                             P is for Purity

D is for Disciple                             Q is for Quiet

E is for Edify                                  R is for Repentance

F is for Faithfulness                      S is for Salvation

G is for God                                    T is for Treasure

H is for Heaven                             U is for Unity

I is for Identity                               V is for Virtue

J is for Justification                     W is for Woman

K is for Kindness                           X is for Cross

L is for Love                                   Y is for Youth

M is for Modesty                           Z is for Zeal

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Printing The ABC’s For Godly Children Curriculum

I realize that printing costs can sometimes sway a decision as to whether or not to buy a purely downloadable curriculum. I have weighed that cost in my pricing of The ABC’s For Godly Children Bible Curriculum, in an effort to bring you a quality product at a low price which will not burden you with excessive costs after your purchase. I have a few suggestions to help you save when printing this curriculum.

Read lessons from an eReader or from your computer rather than printing the Teacher’s Manual with intention to store in print format.

If you would like to print the Teacher’s Manual, print one lesson at a time, or group of lessons at a time. If you are using The ABC’s For Godly Children Curriculum only once a week as a supplement to your current Bible Curriculum then print only one month’s set of lessons at a time, punch holes, and store in binder.

Print the Flash Cards 2 or 4 to a page rather than one to a page. You can see how to do this HERE.

If you would like to see how I have implemented The ABC’s for Godly Girls in my home please CLICK HERE for some fun and unique ideas!

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