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Date night is a big deal in our house.  The kids are excited because Nana and Gramps get to come over, eat dinner with them and then put them to bed.  Hubs and I are usually in an extra good mood, knowing that free time is near and are looking forward to a chance to reconnect. But if I’m honest {and when am I not?!}, sometimes it’s easy to get stuck in a date night rut.

Our limited entertainment budget doesn’t allow for grand activities or adventures beyond a reasonably priced dinner, so we often end up at Costco wandering the aisles and stocking our pantry. Real romantic, right?

I knew we needed a change, so I got creative and found some ways to have fun and frugal date nights that won’t break the bank.

Mini Adventures for Frugal Couples

1. Book store scavenger hunt

While ending up at a bookstore after dinner isn’t a new concept for us, it became a completely different place once I created a scavenger hunt. 

I made a list of things to hunt for in the book store, such as:

– A recipe we wanted to make for our spouse

– Places we wanted to travel

– A quote or poem that reminded us about the other

– A kid’s book we loved growing up

– A new hobby or activity we thought the other would enjoy

– Something that represented what we loved most about each other

We laughed and had so much fun together and it was the best price of all- FREE!  This is a fun activity to enjoy together and you can easily change and adapt these ideas for you.

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2. Let’s Get Physical

Don’t be surprised by the title of this date; it’s not what you think!  Too often, dates involve sitting, but it’s so fun to be active together!

We love to go to the gym together {childcare is already paid for!}, but skies the limit for getting physical together. Fun physical dates include roller skating, ice skating, hiking, running, biking, and so many more fun ideas.  

Even if your level of fitness is not what it should be {hey, I’ve been there, too!}, start slow with a walk and just enjoy being together.  It’s also nice to have someone encourage you on your fitness journey, too!

3. Our Favorite Things

Life sure has changed for us since becoming parents, and it’s hard to imagine how footloose and fancy free we were before they came into our lives.  We had entire weekends together having fun, and on this date, I tried to visit some of our favorites to do before children.

We would find ourselves at the pet store on pet adoption day, eating sushi, going to a restaurant for only dessert, traveling to nearby towns, and visiting museums.

On this date, I love to plan variety of activities we used to do all the time and take a walk down memory lane, remembering all the fun times we’ve had together.

4. Mystery Date

Mystery dates may be my favorite way to surprise my man!  On this date, I plan a night on the town, combining free activities with items we have to pay for, and create clues to describe each one.  I make him guess where he thinks we’re headed, and will have him plug the address of the location into the GPS without knowing where we’re headed. It’s so fun to pull up at a place and see where our next stop of the night will be!

5. If I Had A $1,000,000…

We live in a world where material possessions are accumulated whether or not they can be afforded, even though we live frugally and below our means.  It’s fun to pretend that money is no option, and window shop for the things you’d buy if money were no option.  We enjoy picking out clothes, cars, houses, and more for each other, letting the other know what we would buy in the case of extreme wealth.

While browsing is free, remember to be thankful with what’s God’s blessed you with, and don’t let this fun activity lead to discontentment!

You can have a fun and frugal date night on the town!  Just remember to be creative and to think outside the box in search of activities that will help rekindle the spark in your marriage.

What’s your favorite frugal date night idea?

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  1. It’ so nice to have healthy patents so you can create memories with your spouse! We haven’t even been able to run errands together the past two years since his parents health went downhill. Been caring for them and our young kids.


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