5 Prayers for the Special Needs Child with BONUS Printable Prayer Guide

The moment a child is diagnosed as special needs is a moment a parent will always remember.

For me, I remember the room, my rapid heart-beat, the knot in the pit of my stomach, and not being able to breathe.

In that moment, time stood still as tears slipped uncontrollably down my face.

I remember my first, desperate prayers in the weeks and months after the Autism diagnosis.

I remember crying out to God, asking Him to cure her and to work miracles in her little life.

I remember the desperate attempts to find my own cure, and the long-nights spent researching new therapy techniques.

Looking back, almost two years later, I am at peace and I see how God has changed the cries of my mother’s heart.

He has brought me through a cycle of grief to complete peace in His hands.

I have emerged a stronger person and a more faithful follower of Him because of those changes.

My prayers for her are different as well, knowing that God holds her future and abilities in the clutch of His mighty hands.

Friends, as you pray for your little one with special needs, remember that God can change your prayers as you lay your child before His throne.

5 Prayers for the Special Needs Child with FREE Prayer Guide


As I pray for progress for my daughter, I no longer pray for a cure.  While I know that God is mighty enough and powerful enough to cure her condition, my hope is no longer that God will cure her.

He has given me the peace knowing that a cure isn’t necessary for us to have a wonderful life following God’s plan for our family.

I know that the Maker of the heavens and the earth has gone before us, allowed this condition to sift through His mighty hands, and will lead our future.

Parents, may we pray that God will help our children progress to the fullest of their abilities, and that progress {or lack there of} will no longer control our emotions and haunt our dreams.

May we remember our children are formed in His image, regardless of limitations here on Earth, and He has a great plan and purpose for their lives.

Glorify His Name

It’s amazing how many people are in our lives today as a result of her disability.  I pray, with all my heart, that God will use this condition to shape and mold our relationships.

Pray that your family and child will bring glory to His Name and that you may impact the world around you for Him because of the disability.

May others see your hope and your strength in the Lord and want to know Him more because of your attitude and actions.

Comfort and Peace

Little did I realize just how restless some special needs children can be.  They may struggle with sleeping, seasonal changes, and can be more sensitive to their environment.

Pray that your child will be filled with God’s comfort and peace.

May His spirit calm him/her when anxious and soothe in moments of distress.

The Future

None of us know what tomorrow holds, but for my special needs child, her future and her abilities are a great unknown.

As I pray for progress for her body and mind, I also pray for her future.

May God provide an outlet, or job if appropriate, to occupy her time once she is grown.

May God provide a caretaker in our demise and may she be well taken care of.

Remembering that God is in control, has allowed me to rest in His peace, knowing He holds the future in His hands.


My daughter is the epitome of curiosity.

She loves fire, stoves, wandering outside, and water.

She doesn’t stop when told “no”, and can be in a dangerous situation in the blink of an eye.

I know I’m not the only parent with a curious child on my hands.

Parents, let’s pray that God will keep our children safe and protect them from dangerous situations, especially when they don’t know they are in harm’s way.

For a Mom’s Heart

A mom of any child needs to learn to rest in God’s peace and trust her children to the Lord, but a special needs mom especially needs the strength of the Lord.

From one mom’s heart to another, ask God for peace that only comes from Him.

Pray that God will give you wisdom for those days you doubt His plan.

Pray that God will comfort you in moments of weakness and guide you towards true rest in Him alone.

Parenting a special needs child can be journey filled with joy, laughter, and much love, as you allow God to change your heart along the way.  

How do you pray for your special needs child? Have your prayers changed as you’ve accepted the disability? Let us know in the comments below!

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5 Prayers for the Special Needs Child with FREE Prayer Guide

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Sarah Ann

Sarah Ann is a redeemed child of God and perfectly imperfect in every area of my life. Along with her husband they have battled the storms of cancer, infertility, adoption & Autism together the past 10 years. Find Sarah Ann at FaithAlongtheWay.com where she writes about faith, family, and life with special needs.
Sarah Ann


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