6 Ways to Inspire Imagination in Kids

inspire imagination

6 Ways to Inspire Imagination in Kids

1.  Encourage Curiosity

Try to see the world through your child’s eyes.  Remember when stars held the mysteries of the universe and ants introduced you to an underground world? Allow your children opportunities to explore and discover new things.  Encourage them to critically think about their surroundings but also to explore a new world of possibilities by asking them how they perceive their environment.

2.  Color Outside the Lines

A child should be allowed to color a purple polka dotted house on pink grass under a yellow sky.  It is even okay if the dog is green and the lines are ignored.  Allowing the freedom from the expected will encourage a child to think outside of the box.

3.  Turn off the Screens

Tv, tablets, and video games overstimulate and steal imagination muscles by providing the images and the stories.  A child hardly gets a chance to think or create when hypnotized by a screen.  There is nothing wrong with playing on tablets, video games, or watching some TV.  The trick is to limit it and provide more time for a child to learn to explore his own imagination for entertainment. Why not start out the day with brain teasers to get you in the mood!

4.  Let them get Messy.

Sandcastles, mudpies, and finger painting are all a part of childhood exploration.  Kids love to get messy and allowing it will get them fully engaged using all their senses.  Go ahead and let them get messy and then top it off with some fun in the sprinkler or a bubble bath.

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5.  Tell Stories.

Play a little story game with your child.  Go back and forth with each of you telling a part of the story.  You can also take turns telling a story using a particular theme or just make it all up as you go along.  Don’t worry about grammar; just have fun creating new worlds. Try Funny Picture Writing Prompts: Funny Animal Edition to spark some creativity and have some fun.

6.  Open-Ended Toys

Toys do not need to light up to be entertaining.  Provide your child toys that open imagination such as building toys, dress up boxes, puzzles, and books.  In fact, sometimes you don’t need a toy at all. Give a kid a large box and watch it turn into a pirate ship, race car, house, castle, or space station.


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