6 Ways To Spice Up An At-Home Date Night

Last Christmas I gave Hubs the best gift I’ve ever given him: a year worth of monthly dates planned by me.

A typical night at home usually involves sweatpants, a computer, and propping up my feet, so I knew I needed to spice things up a bit.  Like many married couples with kids, we wanted to date each other, but money and time often stood in our way.  In order to make our monthly date night a reality, I knew I needed to alternate between a date on the town and a date night at home.

Could a date at home really be fun and special without seeming like an ordinary night in?  To my surprise, YES!

Once I established a few guidelines for dates at home, it became a snap to pull off and was something we look forward to each time.

6 Ways to Spice Up an At-Home Date Night

Have a plan.

With life being fast paced and hectic, if I was left to wing our dates at home, we would end up not doing it at all!  I pick a theme each month, and try to plan everything – food, activity, and drink around the theme.

Schedule for a time when there are no kids around.

Our kids are small, so we pick a night on the calendar (yes, write it on the calendar so you don’t forget!) and put them in bed early.  I keep their dinner easy and a family favorite so there are no battles.

If your kids are older, you’ll want to schedule for a time when they are not home. You will appreciate privacy and no interruptions!

Keep the food and clean up simple.

Unless the theme of your date involves cooking a large meal, I would steer away from spending too much time in the kitchen.  

We have done an Italian theme date, but I made the lasagna from scratch ahead of time, as well as the sides, and bought the dessert beforehand.

If the budget allows, we try to order take-out so we both can have a break.

You may want to consider using paper plates so clean up is minimal.  If not, fight your inner neat-freak and leave all the dishes in the sink until the date is over {unless you can convince him to help, too!}

Dress up.

Since I want our in home dates to be just as special and memorable as a night on the town, I always fix my hair, makeup and clothes.  He changes, too, and this way we are both feeling and smelling our best.

Be creative with the theme.

What I love about our at-home dates, is you can be as silly and daring as you want to be!  Skies the limit since you are in the comfort of your own home with your love!  

Some ideas for fabulous at home dates include:

  • Italian night
  • Chocolate lovers {I blindfolded him and he had to guess the chocolate flavors}
  • A scavenger hunt
  • Camping in the backyard
  • A night at the spa
  • Game night
  • Movie night or Netflix marathon night
  • A walk down memory lane {look through old photo albums, watch old home movies, and revisit old memories}
  • Recreate your first date or scene of proposal
  • Cooking theme {in this case, it’s great to cook a big meal!  Try something you have never made before.}
  • Comedy night {watch your favorite comedian and have a laugh}

Visit The Dating Divas, a fabulous resource for married couples, to find other exciting at home date ideas and even free printables that go along with the theme!

Have fun!

The whole point of an at home date is to reconnect with your spouse, enjoy the company, and set aside the stress of everyday.  Learn to enjoy each other again and fall in love all over again!

Happy planning and dating!

Do you do at home dates?  What’s your favorite way to date your mate at home?


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