6 Ways to Stress Less as a Mom

I am that mom.

You know the one that shows up at least ten minutes late to an event, and who rolls in on two wheels because she’s in a hurry.

You know the mom who always seems out of breath because she is literally running from one thing to the next.

You know the mom who just seems disorganized and frazzled.

Yes, I’ve been a mess as a mom, and been so stressed out I could cry in frustration at any given moment.

But there came a time a few years ago that I knew I couldn’t go on like that anymore.

6 Ways to Stress Less as a Mom

When I am stressed to the max, I struggle to be the mom and wife God desires me to be.

So, my mom friends, if you’re like me and need to learn to stress less as a mom, may you find hope in this advice from a former frazzled female.

6 Ways to Stress Less!

1.) Be prepared.

Being unprepared for each day can cause such stress!  I used to wake up already behind, having to deal with yesterday’s mess as a new day dawned.

Being prepared for the next day is easy, and may include: laying out clothes, packing lunches, looking ahead at the schedule, and even gathering the laundry you wish to wash.

A few simple tasks the night before can free you from the morning hustle and bustle!

2.) Get up before the kids and spend time with God.

I am not a morning person.  At all.

In fact, I would sleep in everyday until at least 9:00 if I could.

But alas, motherhood calls.

Getting up at the same time as my kids was simply not working.  I was half asleep, and trying to deal with their immediate needs set a negative tone for the day.

However, when I wake up earlier than them, open my Bible, and have God fill my sleepy spirit, that starts my day off peaceful and quiet.

If you find that you too need a few minutes to process the new day, it’s worth it!  Set your alarm and make it happen!

3.) Overestimate the amount of time it will take to do an activity.

It’s amazing the amount of time it takes for a whole family to get ready.  This used to be such a huge source of stress for me.

When I started allotting extra time in my schedule to get ready and out the door, knowing there would be natural delays from the children, my life became more calm.

I don’t have to act like a drill sergeant and frantically scream rushed commands when I schedule in time for their shenanigans.

4.) Schedule time to just have fun with the kids.

While us busy moms have a to-do-list a mile long, our kids can bear the brunt of the busyness.

When I schedule time in my day to play with them and build into their lives, I am much more relaxed.

Their laughter and snuggles de-stress me like nothing else, and when there is harmony in the home, all are at peace.

5.) Adjust your expectations.

When I expect that we will act like the perfect Pinterest family and overestimate the amount of family fun we will have together, I am disappointed every. single. time.

I’ve come to relinquish control of our lives and even our family fun moments back to God, remembering we weren’t called to be perfect.

There is no such thing as the perfect family, perfect children, the perfect spouse, or the perfect home.

When I keep in mind how Jesus was the only person to ever walk this earth and die a perfectionist, I’m reminded that I’m not.

No amount of striving, controlling, or trying will ever make me perfect like Him. Whew!

With that out of the way, a girl can be free to live for Him without trying to be Super Woman.  That’s freeing!

6.) Schedule time for yourself.

I never realized how much I enjoy solitude until I had kids.

My spirit craves peace and quiet.  Personally, I am a better mom when I get some time away.

So on those days you need a break, don’t let ‘mom guilt’ creep in and make you feel like a bad parent because you long for rest.

Embrace who you are as a person, enjoy personal interests outside of your family, and come back with a refreshed spirit ready to minister to their hearts.

If you’re a stressed out mom like I was, know that balance and stress management with a busy family is possible. In fact, you can grab my free printable, “Create a Mom Sanity Plan”, to help you promote peace and harmony in your personal life and in your home.

How do you manage stress in your life?

 What are your favorite ways to keep control in the midst of messy mom moments?


Sarah Ann

Sarah Ann is a redeemed child of God and perfectly imperfect in every area of my life. Along with her husband they have battled the storms of cancer, infertility, adoption & Autism together the past 10 years. Find Sarah Ann at FaithAlongtheWay.com where she writes about faith, family, and life with special needs.
Sarah Ann


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3 thoughts on “6 Ways to Stress Less as a Mom”

  1. #2 is the one I’m working on now. I find that once my time with God is intact, other things fall in place.

  2. Oh, Sarah Ann….did you write this for me? You did, didn’t you? I could cry right now reading it–especially the part about not being a morning person and how getting up earlier helps you after spending time with God. Really really needed this! Thank you so much! Blessings from “Espressos of Faith”! Oh, and I like to stop and cuddle the dogs with the kids and also to read to the kids to bring my hypervigilance and anxiety down and get a grip. 🙂

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