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Meet Richele!

Richele is a homeschooling mom of 4 children ranging in age from 9 to 20 who doesn’t even own a globe. She has perfectly polished nails or hair perfectly in place but never both. Navigating through mountains of laundry and scaling piles of notebooks, she finds her office (favorite chair in the living room) and creates lessons and unit studies. Her obsession with fonts and dreams of hex colors led her to create Ruby Ink Design.

In her many years of homeschooling, Richele has experimented with different educational methods, curriculum brands, and experienced the challenges of Dyslexia with three of her girls. She has used a virtual school, sent two children to school, removed one from school, and sent one off to college. Richele has a collegiate background in educational psychology. She is an experienced curriculum reviewer and an Orton Gillingham tutor.

Richele is the author of Princess Training: For the King’s Glory, The Learn My Facts Memory System, and Making Narration Fun.  She is co-author of It’s the Heart, Not the Hemline: A Biblical Unit Study on Modesty.


Meet Lindsey!

Lindsey is a stay at home, work from home mom to six children ten years and younger. She homeschools and enjoys large family living. When Lindsey is not changing diapers, cleaning house and cooking meals, she enjoys binge-watching shows on Netflix with her husband … because let’s get real, who has energy after 8PM when you have this many kids?

As her husband would say, Lindsey is a chronic hobbyist. She is always learning a new skill whether that be graphic design, making cloth diapers, or streamlining a start up business with her 9 year old daughter. Lindsey likes to DIY her way around the home, explore natural remedies, and create new and exciting recipes in her Instant Pot during her downtime.

Lindsey is the author of The ABC’s for Godly Children Bible Curriculum. She is the co-author of It’s the Heart Not the Hemline: A Biblical Unit Study on Modesty, The Five Solas: Signs to Follow on the Narrow Path, and Filling Hearts while Cleaning Homes: Five Minute Devotions for Families.

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