Start Your Homeschool Year with the RIGHT Focus

Start Your Homeschool Year with the Right Focus + a Giveaway

I don’t know where summer went. My calendar tells me that it is August and I am mentally still stuck in June. How can we as homeschool moms get our focus aligned with our priorities to make sure we begin the new homeschool year on the right track?  I have a few tips for you that are guaranteed to help you get started. Brain Dump Think of this as a therapeutic exercise. It is a way to get all that is cluttering your mind out of your brain and onto paper. This will help you focus and prioritize rather than worry and run the risk of forgetting something important. Don’t worry about this needing to be neat or in order … Read more

Back to School with a NEW Scripture Memory Pack for Students

Back to School with a NEW Scripture Memory Pack for Students

It is that time of year, Back to School season is in full bloom. You may be enjoying the delightful smell of new curriculum lining your bookshelves. You may still be up to your elbows in planning your school year. Whether you are a planner or a procrastinator, this time of year has a certain type of energy that excites a homeschool mom. The one thing most Christians have in common when approaching the new school year is the renewed intention and conviction to steep our homeschools in God’s Word. An education rich in quality and purpose is void of any meaning without a foundation built on the Word of God – the only source of real truth. We have … Read more

The Value of Handicrafts + a FREE Download

The Value of Handicrafts + a FREE Download

If you are familiar with the Charlotte Mason method of homeschooling, I am sure you have heard about her desire for children to pursue a love and knowledge of handicrafts. According to Charlotte Mason, handicrafts should be taught one at a time. The parent should instruct slowly and carefully while helping the child pay attention to detail. The quality and usefulness of the final product is important. There are many ways to learn, and as a mom you do not have to be a pro at any or all of the handicrafts available. It is just important that you show your child an active desire to continue learning in you as well as equip your child with the proper resources … Read more

Peaceful Home: A Lesson in Stewardship

How to Train Your Child in Biblical Stewardship

We are often trying to explain to our children what God’s purpose was for mankind when he created him. It is easy to give the catechism style answer, “Man’s chief end is to glorify God, and to enjoy him forever.” In reality, however, it is important that we break that truth down and teach them God’s specific commands as well as practical ways in everyday life that we can honor God with what he has given us. Biblical character is so important to train into our children from a young age, and biblical stewardship is one characteristic we definitely want our children to display in their lives. Biblical Stewardship Teaching biblical stewardship will instill a sense of gratitude, responsibility, and … Read more

New Life FREE Scripture Pack Download

New Life Scripture Printable Pack: The Perfect Gift for Spring!

Spring is here and Resurrection Sunday has passed, but we don’t want to forget what Christ has done for us! He granted us new life by grace through faith, and we are so thankful for His many blessings! As we watch the rain fall we think of how Christ’s blood washed away our sins on the cross. When the flowers bloom we think of the new life we have in Him. When we feel the warmth of the Spring sunshine we remember who our Light in life is! Download this FREE Scripture Journaling and Gift set to use for yourself of share with a friend. Delicate watercolor designs littered with Scripture will remind you of the new life you have … Read more

Brainy Days Warm-Ups: February Edition

The Brainy Days Warm-Ups February Edition is Here!

Do you struggle to get your kids minds working early in the morning before you begin your homeschool work? Try Brainy Days Warm-Ups FREE for a limited time! These simple quizzical exercises are perfect for getting those neurons firing early in the morning. Brainy Days Warm-Ups offers 5 FUN exercises a week for 4 weeks a month. Use them as a conversation starter around the breakfast table or an intriguing writing prompt to warm up those tired brains in the morning. Is one Brainy Day Calendar not enough? Go back and download our previous Brainy Days Warm-Ups for just $1 in the Talking Mom2Mom Store: September Edition October Edition Thanksgiving Edition Christmas Edition January Edition Brainy Days Valentine’s Day Edition is … Read more