Year Round Homeschooling Tips: How to Make Summer Schooling an Adventure!

Year Round Homeschooling Tips: How to Make Summer Schooling an Adventure!

Year round homeschooling is becoming a popular alternative to the standard school schedule. Moms around the world are seeing the many benefits this method of homeschooling provides. I have a few tips to help make your summer schooling feel more like a new adventure and less like old hat. 1. Take your homeschool outdoors. This is pure common sense, but take your school work outdoors when it is warm. I live in an area that stays cold for most of the year. When it finally gets warm by the end of May, we know we have about 4 months before it turns cold again. We soak up every minute of sun we can get because we know it isn’t staying … Read more

Learning how to embrace our age as women

Protecting Our Girls From Vanity: Embracing Our Age {PART 3}

We are at the end of our series now on Protecting Our Girls From Vanity.  Yesterday’s installment Painting Over God’s Workmanship, Part 2 discussed exactly how we as mothers are leading our daughters astray. Often women hide behind outward veils in order to cover those things which they do not particularly like about themselves.  However, when we understand properly that our identity should be found in Christ and not the things of this world then our assessment of ourselves should drastically change.  When we fail to put our faith in Christ and constantly worry about our appearance we are actually training our daughters to do the same even if unintentionally. A Lasting Impression I have always been eternally thankful to … Read more

Are you painting over God's workmanship?

Protecting Our Girls From Vanity: Are You Painting Over God’s Workmanship? {PART 2}

In Part 1 of this series yesterday, Protecting Our Girls From Vanity: Guarding Against Worldly Self Esteem, we discussed the source of eternal joy.  Our world desires to see our children become self confident, independent, and happy.  Where this modern ideal might not seem so bad on the outside, when it is unwrapped we realize it is devoid of God and His Gospel. Teaching our daughters to seek self for assurance and happiness leads them away from the Cross.  Teaching our daughters to seek Christ for their identity and joy leads them straight to life eternal with Him.  We teach our girls these truths through the Scriptures and by our own example. Mother, did you know that how you view … Read more

Guarding our Girls Against Vanity

Protecting Our Girls From Vanity {PART 1}

Do you wrestle with low self esteem? Many women, mothers in particular, have very low self esteem.  We can understand why.  With all of the media out there promoting an unattainable body image and all of the products marketed to create a “better” you, how could we not feel as though we were missing something? We could maybe even follow the source of our poor confidence back to deep childhood roots.  It is a tragic scene when a father does not love his daughter properly or thoroughly.  It is very difficult to overcome when a mother neglects to give her child the attention and guidance she craves.  It is often easy to see where it all fell a part, and … Read more

FREE Scripture Memory Scavenger Hunt Game

Go on a Scripture Memory Scavenger Hunt as a Family

It is almost summer and kids are ready to play outside rather than finish school inside. Turn your Bible memory work in to a game with this FREE for a limited time Scripture Scavenger Hunt Game. Included in this FREE Printable pack is 20 colorful cards.  Cards can be printed front and back.  Each card has an image with its name on the front and a corresponding Bible verse on the back. Bible verses are in the New American Standard Version. Use these cards to practice Scripture memory as well as sight word reading.  These cards can be used for ages 4-10 years for a fun family game.If you have younger children, help them to read the verses or have them … Read more

Summer FUN BINGO Game Printable Sets

Excited for Summer? Download these FREE BINGO Games for Your Next Road Trip!

Going on vacation? Have a summer birthday? Need to entertain the kids for a fraction of a second on a long road trip? Download these Summer FUN BINGO Game Printable Sets for a quick way to entertain on the go this summer! What will you receive in your download? 1 set of 4 Camping themed BINGO Cards 1 set of 4 Road Trip themed BINGO Cards It can be difficult to entertain kids on a long trip. I just ended a 23.5 hour drive both ways last week with my husband and 6 kids 10 years and younger. Having little activity pages like this along with our trusted Usborne books on the road were necessary to keep kids happy. I … Read more