The Homeschool Morning Board

  The Homeschool Morning Board In my homeschool we have been using the Homeschool Morning Board for a few years. I came up with this simple idea one afternoon as I was cleaning up the school supplies and found boxes of neglected flash cards. As a Charlotte Mason inspired homeschooler, I already displayed images of works of art. Fusing the idea of displaying images and making good use of my neglected flash cards I came up with the Morning Board. I happened to have the frame, so that day I attached the cards and it began. The kids had a great time going over the cards each morning. We even made a little friendly (or not so friendly at times) … Read more

A Homeschool Schedule for Your Unique Family

Homeschool Schedule that Fits Your Family It’s more than okay that your homeschool schedule does not follow the crowd. You didn’t homeschool because you were a crowd follower. You didn’t homeschool because you enjoy the restraints of arbitrary rules. So why are you struggling with a homeschool schedule that is a carbon copy of the school system or your cousin’s wife’s niece’s neighbor who has been homeschooling for half a decade? Perhaps you have read about different types of schedules and you are trying to fit into the mold it outlines. Let’s get real, if you are struggling to squish your family into a schedule then perhaps your schedule needs a facelift. Breaking the Chains and Finding Freedom in Your … Read more

ABC Craft

Index Card Craft: ABC Book

Supplies: A-Z Card Guides for index cards Set if index cards Markers Hole punch Book rings ABC Stickers Instructions: Punch holes in the top corner of your A-Z cards. Use the first A guide card as your cover page. Decorate it as you wish. You may want an ABC book in a particular theme such as animals or a general book. Use the index cards as your pages. Decorate your pages to match your theme, if you chose one. You may use stickers for the letters or image, have your child draw the images and write the letters, or cut out images or letters from magazines or newspapers. Punch holes in the top corner of your index card pages as … Read more

You are NOT Qualified to Homeschool

Are You Qualified to Homeschool? “What qualifies you to homeschool?” Have you ever been asked that? Have you asked yourself that question? We live in a world where the education of our children is routinely handed off to a system. The thought is that a system made up of standardized tests and teachers is best able to educate children. Anytime someone deviates from the accepted norm the result is backlash. Family, friends, and professionals in education challenge homeschool moms to prove they are able to handle a child’s entire education. Can you handle holding your child’s entire education in your hands? Well, the truth is that you already do. Whether you decide to send your child to school or homeschool … Read more

The Real Reason You Are Frustrated Homeschooling Your Dyslexic Child

The Real Reason You are Frustrated Homeschooling Your Dyslexic Child

No one ever said homeschooling would be easy. I accepted that challenge. Homeschooling is unpredictable. I embraced that thought. Yet, frustration came along and it was an unwelcome guest. Frustration leads to anger and anger leads to defeat. What is the real reason we get so frustrated teaching our dyslexic child? Find great resources for teaching your dyslexic child in the Special Needs Bundle at Build Your Bundle Homeschool Edition THIS WEEK for 92% OFF the regular price >> SHOP NOW! The Real Reason Homeschooling a Dyslexic Child is Frustrating Some days tears wash the dining room table and some days the dining room floor feels the pounding of victory laps. Homeschooling a dyslexic child is a journey but there … Read more

math review

Math Doesn’t Have to be a Struggle

The thought of math struggle conjures up images of a child in tears as he makes a futile effort to understand the equations before him. Certainly, math struggles can bring a student to tears. Yet, math struggles can bring a homeschool mom to tears. What is the solution to creating a positive view of math where the children can thrive and mom can relax? How A+ Interactive Math became My Solution Throughout my 15 years homeschooling 4 children (graduating one…yippy!) I have seen my share of math curriculum, math tears, and math victories. A decade and a half of life spent homeschooling taught me two things; 1. Children need consistency and a multi-sensory approach to learning.  2. Math doesn’t have … Read more