Can Faith Really Overcome Fear?

Can Faith Really Overcome Fear?

There it is looming in front of you; that mountain that seems impossible to move. Forget moving that daunting thing. You would settle for a way around it or through it – basically any way to make this road seem not so rocky. Maybe then this burden would feel bearable and life might stand a chance at returning to normal. You are battling a fear that threatens to swallow you whole. This fear is all consuming, and gnaws at your heart until you wonder if it will explode. This anxiety weighs you down with a force so powerful, you feel immobilized and incapable of life outside of this situation. Yet somewhere in the recesses of your mind, you remember that God loves … Read more

To the Woman Waiting on God

To the Woman Waiting on God

To the woman who is waiting on God, There you are, in the waiting room of life; a place you’d never thought you’d be.  As a child with grand hopes and dreams, you never imagined yourself here, waiting on God and longing for Him to move. You never imagined you’d be lonely for a husband.  You never dreamed you’d ache for a child and beg for God to fill your empty arms.  You never thought your marriage would be in trouble, and you’d be waiting for God to mend the shambles of your relationship.  You never fathomed that disease would come and wreck havoc on your life. But here you are, at a crossroads, yet God seems silent. While you wait … Read more

Mini Adventures for Frugal Couples + A FREE Gift

Mini Adventures for Frugal Couples with FREE Download!

Date night is a big deal in our house.  The kids are excited because Nana and Gramps get to come over, eat dinner with them and then put them to bed.  Hubs and I are usually in an extra good mood, knowing that free time is near and are looking forward to a chance to reconnect. But if I’m honest {and when am I not?!}, sometimes it’s easy to get stuck in a date night rut. Our limited entertainment budget doesn’t allow for grand activities or adventures beyond a reasonably priced dinner, so we often end up at Costco wandering the aisles and stocking our pantry. Real romantic, right? I knew we needed a change, so I got creative and found some … Read more

6 Ways to Spice Up an At-Home Date Night

6 Ways To Spice Up An At-Home Date Night

Last Christmas I gave Hubs the best gift I’ve ever given him: a year worth of monthly dates planned by me. A typical night at home usually involves sweatpants, a computer, and propping up my feet, so I knew I needed to spice things up a bit.  Like many married couples with kids, we wanted to date each other, but money and time often stood in our way.  In order to make our monthly date night a reality, I knew I needed to alternate between a date on the town and a date night at home. Could a date at home really be fun and special without seeming like an ordinary night in?  To my surprise, YES! Once I established … Read more

FREE Prayer Guide for the Hyper-Aggressive Child

4 Prayers for the Hyper-Aggressive Child and FREE PRINTABLE!

An Embarrassing Parenting Moment It was supposed to be a joyous occasion, where the families of our little man’s preschool class could come together to celebrate the birth of Jesus. I was excited to finally get to know the other families and watch our children play together.  Dressed to impress, I sauntered into the preschool Christmas party ready to meet new mom friends and enjoy a time of fellowship. From the first moment, I could see my hopes were dashed as my child acted out and embarrassed me to the core. The other children were playing nicely, while mine was running around screaming (shrieks of joy, but still screams!) or melting down at any given moment.  Plus, he was hitting and … Read more

5 Prayers for the Special Needs Child with FREE Prayer Guide

5 Prayers for the Special Needs Child with BONUS Printable Prayer Guide

The moment a child is diagnosed as special needs is a moment a parent will always remember. For me, I remember the room, my rapid heart-beat, the knot in the pit of my stomach, and not being able to breathe. In that moment, time stood still as tears slipped uncontrollably down my face. I remember my first, desperate prayers in the weeks and months after the Autism diagnosis. I remember crying out to God, asking Him to cure her and to work miracles in her little life. I remember the desperate attempts to find my own cure, and the long-nights spent researching new therapy techniques. Looking back, almost two years later, I am at peace and I see how God … Read more