Back to School with a NEW Scripture Memory Pack for Students

It is that time of year, Back to School season is in full bloom. You may be enjoying the delightful smell of new curriculum lining your bookshelves. You may still be up to your elbows in planning your school year. Whether you are a planner or a procrastinator, this time of year has a certain type of energy that excites a homeschool mom.

The one thing most Christians have in common when approaching the new school year is the renewed intention and conviction to steep our homeschools in God’s Word. An education rich in quality and purpose is void of any meaning without a foundation built on the Word of God – the only source of real truth.

We have a new FREEBIE that you are going to love introducing to your students on their first day of homeschool. It will help focus them on God’s Word.

Back to School with a NEW Scripture Memory Pack for Students


NEW Back to School Themed Scripture Pack

The Back to School themed Scripture Memory and Journaling Pack is perfectly suited for homeschooling moms and their students. It would also make a great gift for graduates headed for their first year at college. Included in this downloadable kit you will find the following:

  • 12 Scripture Cards (King James Version)
  • 1 Bible Journaling Template
  • 1 2 Timothy 2:15 Scripture Poster

I like to print mine on heavy duty cardstock and place on a loose binder ring for easy on-the-go reminders from God’s Word.

If you are looking for more Scripture packs just like this one, download these other printables from our store:

FREE Download

Download your FREE Back to School themed Scripture Pack HERE.┬áThis pack is perfect for personal encouragement as a homeschool mom, to help your homeschool students memorize scripture, or to gift a graduate attending university. However, you choose to use them we can rest in the promise that the Holy Spirit will apply God’s Word to our hearts and actions. His Word never returns void (Isaiah 55:11).


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