Buying Guide for Whole Family Gift Giving

Every Christmas I desire to bless those who are meaningful in my life. Yet my bank account reminds me that blessing every person in life may not be in the budget. Enter the Christmas Gift Basket for the whole family. I decided a fun and more frugal way was to gather together items for the entire family as opposed to individual gifts. Of course I still had to set my budget so I wouldn’t blow through frugal because it can be tempting. So of you are looking for some fun and frugal ideas to gift a whole family try one of these ideas.   Family Game Night Gift Christmas is a great time to play games with the family. If … Read more

Reformation Day Beard Baby

Cultivating Family Traditions on Reformation Day

Hurry and use the coupon code REFORM19 and get 40% OFF our Reformation Day Teaching Tools!  My children greeted me with “Happy Reformation Day!” this morning. It was so precious. I am so thankful that we have this time every year that we set aside specifically to focus on learning sound doctrine and exploring Church history. Sure, we study these things at other points during our year, but this is something we all look forward to in a unique way. I absolutely love cultivating family traditions that will follow us for years to come, don’t you? Here is a video of my children wishing you a Happy Reformation Day on our Talking Mom2Mom Facebook Page. I want to share with … Read more

Ten Men that Led the Protestant Reformation: A Church History Lesson

Ten Men that Led the Protestant Reformation: A Church History Lesson for Children

Does your family love to read through history? Church history was always my favorite subject. This year my children and I are going through the book Trials and Triumphs: Stories from Church History (affiliate link). There is much to be learned when we look into the lives of faithful men and women such as these. Studying Church History as a family is a great way to share the Gospel with your children, while simultaneously instilling in them a different perspective on what life and faith look like in times entrenched in trial and persecution. Ten Men that Led the Protestant Reformation: A Church History Lesson for Children This month we are introducing a special study for your family: Ten Men that Led … Read more

How to Teach Your Child to Think Like an Innovator

How to Teach Your Child to Think Like an Innovator

It has been said that innovation is the key to success. However, creativity is often confused with innovation. As homeschool parents, we focus much of our attention on fostering creativity within our children. In doing so, it is possible to neglect the other part of the equation: the execution of that creative idea. The dividing line between being creative and being an innovator is being able to convert a unique idea into a successful endeavor. The Benefits of STEM STEM has become the new buzz word in the world of education. This acronym stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. Not only are these subjects very interesting and a lot of fun for kids to explore, but there are so … Read more

5 Good Reasons to Study Shakespeare in Your Homeschool

5 Good Reasons to Study Shakespeare in Your Homeschool

I know. I hear you! You are trying to grasp just why, when you will have to eventually teach advanced mathematics, why you should bother to teach Shakespeare. After all, what can Shakespeare teach us today? You might also struggle with the thought of teaching an archaic language. Forsooth! You’re trying hard enough to do all.the.things Charlotte Mason style, why bother (pull my hair out over) teaching Shakespeare? Here are 5 good reasons to teach Shakespeare in your homeschool. 1. Shakespeare, Bard of the Bible Shakespeare exemplifies the pinnacle of the poetic and dramatic language of his day. His work provides a type of non-religious framework for understanding the imagery, grammar, and vocabulary of the King James Version of the … Read more

Start Your Homeschool Year with the RIGHT Focus

Start Your Homeschool Year with the Right Focus + a Giveaway

I don’t know where summer went. My calendar tells me that it is August and I am mentally still stuck in June. How can we as homeschool moms get our focus aligned with our priorities to make sure we begin the new homeschool year on the right track?  I have a few tips for you that are guaranteed to help you get started. Brain Dump Think of this as a therapeutic exercise. It is a way to get all that is cluttering your mind out of your brain and onto paper. This will help you focus and prioritize rather than worry and run the risk of forgetting something important. Don’t worry about this needing to be neat or in order … Read more