4 Resources to Build a Strong Biblical Foundation for your Family

4 Resources to Build Biblical Foundations for your Family

Character training and building Biblical foundations is always at the forefront of my priorities when choosing our homeschool curriculum each year. For preschoolers we have used our ABC’s for Godly Children digital curriculum in the past, but I was looking for something new that would go much deeper. My husband and I were looking for resources that would confirm BIG Gospel truths in ways that our children could understand, but at the same time would not be watered down, trite lessons. This list will work for your younger and your older children. I love lessons that keep the whole family engaged, don’t you?   Affiliate links are found below. You are not obligated to shop through these links but the small percentages … Read more

The 10 Commandments Bible Learning Pack

The Ten Commandments Bible Education Pack for Elementary Ages

Are you learning about Moses and the Ten Commandments in your homeschool room right now?  Would you like an interesting and fun supplement for some extra scripture memory work or Bible study? This colorful and fun-packed printable pack is all about Moses and The 10 Commandments.  You will find in it the following activities: Front/ Back Flash cards Copywork for tracing printing and cursive Blank pages for Scripture Memory Copywork Matching Game Crossword Puzzle Ten Commandments Tablet Craft This will provide hours of fun for the homeschool or even the Sunday School room.  It can be used by one child or multiple children of various elementary ages at the same time! This printable pack is 35 pages and is appropriate … Read more

3 ways we allow sin to grow in our children's hearts

3 Ways We Allow Sin to Grow in Our Children’s Heart

We don’t like to think about it or admit it but sometimes our behavior feeds the sin growing in our children’s hearts. You are among friends here, so no need to fear judgment or guilt. We are here to come alongside each other and help one another live lives that honor the Lord and raise children who do the same. 1.  We Allow Sin to Grow by Ignoring “small” Sin. Tears filled her eyes as she recounted stories of a boyfriend she disapproved of, broken curfews, and drinking.  Her daughter’s rebellion threatened to tear the family apart.  Adding more cream to my coffee, I listened as she struggled to understand how things went so terribly wrong. I recalled a time … Read more

Teaching Children How to Sit Still in Church

8 Tips for Teaching Children How to Sit Still at Church

Why I Ditched the Church Nursery I think we attempted to put our first child in the church nursery about 3.2 times before we decided we were just going to keep her in church with us and teach her to sit still.  She cried a lot in the nursery and so I kept having to be called out with the little pager to go and calm her.  She missed me, so keeping her with me seemed the natural thing to do. At the time we were the odd ones for doing so.  Our philosophy?  Children had to learn how to sit still for thousands of years, and we found it strange that it is only in our modern culture that … Read more

Using Catechisms to Disciple our Children

Using Catechisms to Disciple Children and a FREE Printable

A Definition A catechism is a method of teaching Biblical doctrine in which the tutor asks the student a series of questions and the pupil gives a specific, memorized answer to each question.  The idea behind teaching with catechisms is that, especially for younger children, the memorization of catechisms will instill Biblical truth within that child for the rest of their lives. What will be memorized in doctrine and theology as a child, will with discipleship and training, become knowledge and wisdom as the child grows older about the Person of God and the Truth of His Word.  The History Catechism type handbooks, according to the Encyclopedia Britanica online, were written as early in Church history by Augustine and Cyril.  … Read more

Molding the Hearts of our Children

Molding the Hearts of our Children

 The Importance of Discipling Our Children Our children’s Biblical education takes priority over any other subject we teach. Do not get me wrong. Reading, math, science, etc. are all very important, but we teach these with the understanding that without faith nothing in this life is worth anything. First and foremost we desire our children to be strong in their faith. We are training disciples in our home that by the grace of God will grow to be followers of Jesus and to spread His Word. We will teach our children all subjects, but with the goal in mind of preparing our children to be thoughtful concerning all things; discerning by the standard of God’s Word. The foundation of God’s … Read more