5 Ways to Declutter Your Schedule

5 Ways to Declutter Your Schedule: Stop Being Busy and Start Being Productive!

I joke that my days are fueled on coffee, stress, and the grace of God, but honestly, that isn’t too far from the truth. I find myself rarely feeling content to just be still because my mind is always racing to the next thing on the list. If I am sitting with my husband in the evenings, I am thinking about how messy the house is. If I am homeschooling the kids, I am obsessing over all that needs to be completed at work. When I am working at home, I feel guilty because I would rather be with my kids. I do many things, but I never do any of them well, because I am doing too much. As … Read more

Richard Scarry's BusyTown: Eye Found It! Family Board Game Review

Richard Scarry’s Busytown: Eye Found It! Board Game Review

**This post contains affiliate links to Amazon.com. You are not required to purchase through these links, but if you do the small commission received goes to help support our families and this website. Thank you for reading Talking Mom2Mom. You can further read our affiliate disclosure here. We are always looking for new board games. Our children love them.  We love them. It is a quick way to invest in a little family time at home without having to pay big bucks. Of course there are a few classics that we enjoy like Candy Land and Chutes and Ladders, but I want to share a new favorite in our home that we really look forward to playing with the kids that might … Read more

Mini Adventures for Frugal Couples + A FREE Gift

Mini Adventures for Frugal Couples with FREE Download!

Date night is a big deal in our house.  The kids are excited because Nana and Gramps get to come over, eat dinner with them and then put them to bed.  Hubs and I are usually in an extra good mood, knowing that free time is near and are looking forward to a chance to reconnect. But if I’m honest {and when am I not?!}, sometimes it’s easy to get stuck in a date night rut. Our limited entertainment budget doesn’t allow for grand activities or adventures beyond a reasonably priced dinner, so we often end up at Costco wandering the aisles and stocking our pantry. Real romantic, right? I knew we needed a change, so I got creative and found some … Read more

SPICE Date Night FUN Printable Pack

SPICE: A FREE Date Night Fun Pack

Are you looking for something to spice up your date nights with your spouse? Here is a fun FREE printable pack to help you do just that!  Subscribe below to have yours sent straight to your inbox for downloading. What will you receive in this printable pack? A Guided Date Planner Baby Sitter Notes “Save the Date” Invitations Love Notes Date Night Coupons Use the guided date planner to help you brainstorm everything from your date night plans, reservations, menu plan, shopping lists, themes, and/ or surprises.   Invite your husband to your special date night with the design of your choice.  Fill out the date night coupons for a little extra special surprise. Don’t forget to fill out the “Babysitter Notes” so … Read more

6 Ways to Spice Up an At-Home Date Night

6 Ways To Spice Up An At-Home Date Night

Last Christmas I gave Hubs the best gift I’ve ever given him: a year worth of monthly dates planned by me. A typical night at home usually involves sweatpants, a computer, and propping up my feet, so I knew I needed to spice things up a bit.  Like many married couples with kids, we wanted to date each other, but money and time often stood in our way.  In order to make our monthly date night a reality, I knew I needed to alternate between a date on the town and a date night at home. Could a date at home really be fun and special without seeming like an ordinary night in?  To my surprise, YES! Once I established … Read more

To the Wife Whose Husband Works Long Hours

To the Wife Whose Husband Works Long Hours I know a time comes when your husband’s sacrifice and steadfast faithfulness to provide for his family despite the hours will cross from seeming unfair to him to unfair to you and your kids. Resentment will build (if it has not already) and it will be harder to shake the feeling that you are on the outside looking in on other “happy” marriages and families. The weight of being mom and dad will cause your back to bend and your heart to crack. You put on a brave face when he missed a little league game. You talked yourself out of tears when you had to cancel another couples night with friends because he wouldn’t … Read more