Guarding our Girls Against Vanity

Protecting Our Girls From Vanity {PART 1}

Do you wrestle with low self esteem? Many women, mothers in particular, have very low self esteem.  We can understand why.  With all of the media out there promoting an unattainable body image and all of the products marketed to create a “better” you, how could we not feel as though we were missing something? We could maybe even follow the source of our poor confidence back to deep childhood roots.  It is a tragic scene when a father does not love his daughter properly or thoroughly.  It is very difficult to overcome when a mother neglects to give her child the attention and guidance she craves.  It is often easy to see where it all fell a part, and … Read more

When Siblings Squabble and How to Help Them Work Through It + a FREE Download

When Siblings Squabble and How to Help Them Work Through It + a FREE Download

I have 6 kids, 10 years and younger. There are constant sibling squabbles in our household. Some days are worse than others. I am often asked how I control the fighting, both by friends and even by readers. We are by no means perfect but we have found ways to calm the chaos. 1. Give them Space. Because we homeschool, my kids are together 24/7. That gets really tiresome for everyone. If you live in a smaller home this is even more difficult, but can be done. There needs to be a time each day where everyone has some quiet time. If arguing begins, people need to go to their own corners to cool off. This is important, because sometimes … Read more

5 Ways to Love Your Mother When You Live Far Away

5 Ways to Love Your Mom When You Live Far Away & A Mother’s Day GIVEAWAY!

When my husband and I married, I knew that we would be living nearly 1500 miles away from my family, but I was naive to think it would be easy to keep in touch. Over a decade of marriage later, I have missed out on truly important moments in the life of my family because of lack of time and limited funds for travel. The person I miss the most is my mom. There are times I have done better than others at trying to keep our relationship strong and lines of communication open. There are many ways in which I have failed and even more ways I hope to improve. I hope that some of my suggestions below help … Read more

Peaceful Home: A Lesson in Stewardship

How to Train Your Child in Biblical Stewardship

We are often trying to explain to our children what God’s purpose was for mankind when he created him. It is easy to give the catechism style answer, “Man’s chief end is to glorify God, and to enjoy him forever.” In reality, however, it is important that we break that truth down and teach them God’s specific commands as well as practical ways in everyday life that we can honor God with what he has given us. Biblical character is so important to train into our children from a young age, and biblical stewardship is one characteristic we definitely want our children to display in their lives. Biblical Stewardship Teaching biblical stewardship will instill a sense of gratitude, responsibility, and … Read more

Start a NEW Family Tradition during the Holidays with The 12 Games of Christmas

Start a NEW Family Christmas Tradition: The 12 Games of Christmas

We are starting a new family tradition this year and I am hoping that you will join me! I am sure you have heard of the 12 Days of Christmas. We are putting our own little spin on it with the 12 GAMES of Christmas, opening a new game each night the 12 days before Christmas and playing them as a family! Doesn’t that sounds like fun? **This post contains affiliate links to You are not required to purchase through these links, but if you do the small commission received goes to help support our families and this website. Thank you for reading Talking Mom2Mom. You can further read our affiliate disclosure here. The Gift that Keeps on Giving! By … Read more

It Happened! The One Thing I Dreaded My Child Being Exposed To

Piling in the car with two kids and handfuls of crafts and goodies, from a homeschool party, I hear myself give instructions like a flight attendant before take off. “Put on your seatbelt and make sure your cup is in the cupholder…and please don’t get glue everywhere.” My mind wrestled with prioritizing tasks while I navigated the quickest route to arrive at our next destination. Even in mom logistics mode, the sun shining and the changing colors of the leaves were not lost on me. Just another beautiful fall day with a breeze coming through the window and the radio on. **This page contains affiliate links. You are not required to purchase through these links, but if you do the … Read more