Using Catechisms to Disciple our Children

Using Catechisms to Disciple Children and a FREE Printable

A Definition A catechism is a method of teaching Biblical doctrine in which the tutor asks the student a series of questions and the pupil gives a specific, memorized answer to each question.  The idea behind teaching with catechisms is that, especially for younger children, the memorization of catechisms will instill Biblical truth within that child for the rest of their lives. What will be memorized in doctrine and theology as a child, will with discipleship and training, become knowledge and wisdom as the child grows older about the Person of God and the Truth of His Word.  The History Catechism type handbooks, according to the Encyclopedia Britanica online, were written as early in Church history by Augustine and Cyril.  … Read more

The 4 Things Halloween Teaches our Children

The 4 Things Halloween Teaches Our Children

Traditions There are many people who celebrate Halloween. I am not writing this as a judgment. However, I am writing this to provide food for thought, before your children run out of the house on that night all dressed up so cute to collect candy. Many times we practice traditions in our households simply because that is what our parents did or we have sentimental memories of the event when we were children. Sometimes we practice certain things in our households simply because that is what everyone else does, or we do not want to deprive our children of a special and “normal” childhood experience. Whatever your reasons are, you are not alone. As parents we attempt, I hope, to … Read more

Molding the Hearts of our Children

Molding the Hearts of our Children

 The Importance of Discipling Our Children Our children’s Biblical education takes priority over any other subject we teach. Do not get me wrong. Reading, math, science, etc. are all very important, but we teach these with the understanding that without faith nothing in this life is worth anything. First and foremost we desire our children to be strong in their faith. We are training disciples in our home that by the grace of God will grow to be followers of Jesus and to spread His Word. We will teach our children all subjects, but with the goal in mind of preparing our children to be thoughtful concerning all things; discerning by the standard of God’s Word. The foundation of God’s … Read more

When We Totally Blow It with our Kids

When We Blow It With Our Kids

You know the story. Your son whines again when he doesn’t get exactly what he wants. Your daughter takes her sister’s toy and hits her over the head with it, right in front of you. Your toddler says “no!” and throws a tantrum when it’s time to go. Just like every other time, you handle it with perfect calmness and reason. The halo over your head gleams. OR You sometimes blow it with your kids. Your actions provoke them to anger or discourage them. You are harsh with your words or voice. You roll your eyes and sigh. You loose your cool. I’ve been there. I often AM there.     We are imperfect mothers parenting imperfect kids. The goal is … Read more

How to foster a relationship with your mother-in-law that encourages mutual respect

How to Foster a Relationship with Your Mother-in-Law that Encourages Mutual Respect

Mother-In-Law: The Dirty Word The word mother-in-law may as well be a swear word to many women.  If you have ever seen the old sitcom, “Everybody Loves Raymond,” you will see a mother-in-law in Marie which characterizes the commonly accepted and maybe even expected view of the mother-in-law figure. She is overbearing, manipulative, dissenting, and even disparaging toward her daughter-in-law.  Overall she might be a loving person, and a wonderful grandmother, but the tension always exists pitting the daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law.  Often the son (the husband) is stuck in the middle trying to traverse the stormy waters between both women not wanting to disown his mother and yet simultaneously please his wife. My Story When my husband and I … Read more