It Happened! The One Thing I Dreaded My Child Being Exposed To

Piling in the car with two kids and handfuls of crafts and goodies, from a homeschool party, I hear myself give instructions like a flight attendant before take off. “Put on your seatbelt and make sure your cup is in the cupholder…and please don’t get glue everywhere.” My mind wrestled with prioritizing tasks while I navigated the quickest route to arrive at our next destination. Even in mom logistics mode, the sun shining and the changing colors of the leaves were not lost on me. Just another beautiful fall day with a breeze coming through the window and the radio on. **This page contains affiliate links. You are not required to purchase through these links, but if you do the … Read more

Peaceful Home

Creating a Peaceful Home through Obedience Training

Lessons Learned Did you ever do that thing when you were younger where you said, “I will never raise kids that are going to act like that?” I did. Oh, what I would tell myself if I could time travel backwards a decade. Six kids later, I have realized what a complicated and beautiful mess parenting can be. When I made that statement in my early twenties, I didn’t quite understand just how different each child’s personality could be, what special needs would look like on my kids, and just how exasperated I could become following months of sleep deprivation and even post-partum depression. My desire was for a peaceful home, but my own pride, fears, and even health kept … Read more

5 Ways to Declutter Your Schedule

5 Ways to Declutter Your Schedule: Stop Being Busy and Start Being Productive!

I joke that my days are fueled on coffee, stress, and the grace of God, but honestly, that isn’t too far from the truth. I find myself rarely feeling content to just be still because my mind is always racing to the next thing on the list. If I am sitting with my husband in the evenings, I am thinking about how messy the house is. If I am homeschooling the kids, I am obsessing over all that needs to be completed at work. When I am working at home, I feel guilty because I would rather be with my kids. I do many things, but I never do any of them well, because I am doing too much. As … Read more

FREE Prayer Guide for the Hyper-Aggressive Child

4 Prayers for the Hyper-Aggressive Child and FREE PRINTABLE!

An Embarrassing Parenting Moment It was supposed to be a joyous occasion, where the families of our little man’s preschool class could come together to celebrate the birth of Jesus. I was excited to finally get to know the other families and watch our children play together.  Dressed to impress, I sauntered into the preschool Christmas party ready to meet new mom friends and enjoy a time of fellowship. From the first moment, I could see my hopes were dashed as my child acted out and embarrassed me to the core. The other children were playing nicely, while mine was running around screaming (shrieks of joy, but still screams!) or melting down at any given moment.  Plus, he was hitting and … Read more

5 Prayers for the Special Needs Child with FREE Prayer Guide

5 Prayers for the Special Needs Child with BONUS Printable Prayer Guide

The moment a child is diagnosed as special needs is a moment a parent will always remember. For me, I remember the room, my rapid heart-beat, the knot in the pit of my stomach, and not being able to breathe. In that moment, time stood still as tears slipped uncontrollably down my face. I remember my first, desperate prayers in the weeks and months after the Autism diagnosis. I remember crying out to God, asking Him to cure her and to work miracles in her little life. I remember the desperate attempts to find my own cure, and the long-nights spent researching new therapy techniques. Looking back, almost two years later, I am at peace and I see how God … Read more

6 Ways to Stress Less as a Mom

6 Ways to Stress Less as a Mom

I am that mom. You know the one that shows up at least ten minutes late to an event, and who rolls in on two wheels because she’s in a hurry. You know the mom who always seems out of breath because she is literally running from one thing to the next. You know the mom who just seems disorganized and frazzled. Yes, I’ve been a mess as a mom, and been so stressed out I could cry in frustration at any given moment. But there came a time a few years ago that I knew I couldn’t go on like that anymore. When I am stressed to the max, I struggle to be the mom and wife God desires me … Read more