How to Choose the Right Work from Home Opportunity for You

How to Choose the Right Work from Home Opportunity for You

Do you work from home already or do you wish you could work from home? Many stay at home moms enjoy doing something on the side to contribute to their families budget, but there are so many opportunities out there, it can be difficult to decide. Let me help you weed through a few of the most popular work from home opportunities so that you can select the one that is right for you! Listen to the Podcast and Find Some Great Resources! I had the chance to sit down with my friend Gina last month over at Mommy Jammies Night with The Ultimate Homeschool Radio Network. During that podcast we talked about our experiences working from home, as well … Read more

FREE Build Your Own Bakery Activity Pack

Why Starting a Business with Your Kids Should be a Priority and a FREE Build Your Own Bakery Activity Pack!

Have you ever come across this question as a mom? “People keep saying that college isn’t necessary to have a quality life. Do you feel like college is a non-negotiable in your child’s education?” I got this question just this morning, and it really made me think. I honestly believe that college is not the priority, but honing a valuable and marketable skill is. That is what we have seen in our life. My husband’s degree has done nothing for him as it was in “classical studies”. He had to start at the bottom in a random company and prove himself worthy and skilled and was able to rise up because of his initiative and ability to adapt and self-teach. … Read more

The #1 Mistake I Made When Hosting an Online Fundraiser

The #1 Mistake I Made When Running My Online Fundraiser

Online fundraising, crowdfunding, there are so many various ways you can phrase it, but it is all about collecting money online for a need. It doesn’t matter what the need is – you can literally raise money for anything online. I ran three different charitable fundraisers last year and learned a big lesson by the time tax season rolled around this year. I want to share what I learned with you, while hoping that I can spare you the same grief that I endured. When choosing my fundraising platform, I chose to go with Some platforms charge an extra service fee for using their website. does not charge a service fee. They clarify on their website that the … Read more

Making it Right When Things Go Wrong in Your Business

What will you do when things go wrong? There is nothing that reveals character more than adversity. No matter what you do to avoid problems, problems still arise. So, let’s make some lemonade and think of problems as an opportunity. You won’t survive in business if you don’t learn to be solution oriented instead of hiding under your blanket with the lights out when something goes wrong. Stand up and look adversity in the eye.  Your customers don’t expect you to be infallible but they do expect you to stand behind your business. How you handle adversity will determine customer loyalty. Three Questions to Ask Yourself When Making a Wrong a Right Will my customers feel more confident or less … Read more

How to Choose the Direct Selling Business that is Right for You

How to Choose the Direct Selling Business that is Right for YOU!

Direct sales businesses have been around for a long time but there always seems to be pockets of time where there is a resurgence of sorts. I feel like right now is that time based upon the amount of invites I get weekly. Everyone including their sister, cousin, and friend are joining up, aren’t they? Well, there is good reason for that! Joining a direct sales company is a great way to contribute to the budget, work on a flexible schedule, make some new friends, and get some great products at a discount. You are not going to get a pitch for one Multi Level Marketing (MLM) company over another in this article. I have been involved in various direct sales companies … Read more