Organize your Home and Homeschool with this Loop Scheduling Workshop

Organize your Home and Homeschool with this Loop Scheduling Workshop

Are you allergic to planning and schedules like I am? I have been through a number of planners and calendars over the last decade, promising from one year to the next that I am going to “get my act together,” only to see my neat little plans unravel before my very eyes. It leaves a mom feeling totally discouraged. Can you relate? I tried a new planning method this year called Loop Scheduling and it has rocked my world. This is the schedule for the mom who hates schedules. What is Loop Scheduling? At the beginning of the 2017 homeschool year, I took a webinar from my good friend Tauna over at The Proverbial Homemaker. Tauna is a busy stay-at-home, … Read more

How to Make Snow Cream: A Snow Day, Family Fun Recipe

How to Make Snow Cream: A Snow Day, Family Fun Recipe

Please tell me you have heard of Snow Cream. If you haven’t, you are in for a real treat! This easy to make recipe is a treasured family tradition, and perfect for a snow day at home with the whole family. **This post contains affiliate links to You are not required to purchase through these links, but if you do the small commission received goes to help support our families and this website. Thank you for reading Talking Mom2Mom. You can further read our affiliate disclosure¬†here. These Northern Winters I moved up to the frigid North a little over a decade ago when I married my husband. I could not believe that he had never heard of snow cream. … Read more

The Homemaker's Friend 2018 Planner GIVEAWAY

The Homemaker’s Friend 2018 Planner GIVEAWAY {Ends 12/8/2017}

Mama, are you juggling a lot of balls as a homemaker? How do you get it all done?¬† When you are homeschooling, paying bills, keeping house, and possibly even working from home on top of it all, it is enough to make any woman feel like she is losing her mind. We need to stop being just busy and start being more productive! You need a friend to help carry a bit of the load for you. The Homemaker’s Friend 2018 Planner can be that tool you need to help you get organized and focused in your homemaking. With its very practical and uniquely designed tools, you will find it is indeed a helpful friend during your day! Weekly Planning … Read more

Birthday Party and Holiday Party Pack

FREE Holiday and Birthday Party Planning Pack with a Christmas GIVEAWAY!

Does planning for parties and holiday events stress you out? Planning the budget, menu plan, the activities, keeping up with invitations beforehand and then the thank you cards to follow can be such a hassle. Make things easier on yourself with this Birthday Party and Holiday Event Planning Pack FREE for subscribers of Talking Mom2Mom! Download Your Party Planning Pack We know the reward of event planning and would love to share with you and easy guide to help get you started since Thanksgiving and Christmas are just around the corner! Click below to download your copy for FREE TODAY! Enter our Holiday GIVEAWAY! Who wants to WIN an extra $550 in your choice of Paypal Cash or Amazon Gift … Read more

Dirty Rice Recipe {Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Budget Friendly!}

Dirty Rice Recipe {Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Budget-Friendly!}

My family loves spicy food and since I decided to start cutting out some gluten and dairy to deal with some health issues I am experiencing, I am on the hunt to find some large family pleasing recipes that everyone is going to enjoy. Do you ever find that healthy cooking sometimes costs more money? I hate that. We live in a rural area so all the gluten free flours, special oils, etc. always cost more than my regular grocery bill. Mind you, we eat clean. I just prefer to cook with regular real ingredients instead of all the specialty items that are surprisingly difficult to find in a small town. I am all about feeding my family a healthy … Read more

Laundry 101 FREE Printable Pack

FREE Laundry 101 Printable for your Little Helpers

The one chore I consistently struggle getting the kids to help with is laundry. There is a certain precision that must be mastered when it comes to laundry that younger kids have a hard time grasping, but I still want to have them be involved and learn what they can when they are able. Here are three easy ways to divide the laundry responsibilities among younger children: The youngest children can do the sorting and learn valuable skills at the same time. Tots through Pre-K are the perfect ages to practice opposites with right? So use laundry as a teaching tool … light vs. dark, big vs. little, and understanding textures are actually important developmental tasks that small children should … Read more