How to Make Snow Cream: A Snow Day, Family Fun Recipe

How to Make Snow Cream: A Snow Day, Family Fun Recipe

Please tell me you have heard of Snow Cream. If you haven’t, you are in for a real treat! This easy to make recipe is a treasured family tradition, and perfect for a snow day at home with the whole family. **This post contains affiliate links to You are not required to purchase through these links, but if you do the small commission received goes to help support our families and this website. Thank you for reading Talking Mom2Mom. You can further read our affiliate disclosure here. These Northern Winters I moved up to the frigid North a little over a decade ago when I married my husband. I could not believe that he had never heard of snow cream. … Read more

DIY Oil Pulling Melts for a Cleaner Mouth

Oil Pulling 101 I have been oil pulling on and off for several years now. I was having issues with a tooth that has a crown on it and after going to the dentist to be reassured that nothing was wrong, I decided to do my own research on how to help with tooth pain. Through my research I discovered that oil pulling can help reverse cavities and even remineralize your teeth.  If you would like to learn more about the benefits of oil pulling for a cleaner mouth CLICK HERE. I also learned quite a bit about clove oil that you might find interesting.  Dr. Mercola has an extensive article concerning the historical uses and modern day benefits of clove oil. … Read more

Crown of Braids DIY Hair Style Tutorial

Crown of Braids Hair Tutorial for Little Girls

My daughter and I have had fun over the years trying a few different hairstyles.  She has the longest hair.  I wish mine could look like that! This is one hairstyle we tried a couple of weeks ago for church.  It stayed in the whole day with only a couple of tweaks to the bobby pins when she was going in and out of her car seat.  We will definitely be doing this one again! Step 1: Part the hair in the center Step 2: Make a half up pig tail on either side of the part Step 3: Flip each of the pig tails over and under.  Pull your rubber band out, split the hair, and then flip the … Read more