How to eat out for less than $30

How We Eat Out for Less than $30 for a Family of 7

Do you like to eat out? I REALLY do! We just don’t do it very often because it is not nearly as healthy as cooking at home, and it is definitely NOT a frugal option for feeding a large family. Why do I like it so much then? Because in some ways eating out makes me feel human. I know that seems silly, but we live in a rural community and I do not get out very much, so doing something every once in a while that is fun and out of the ordinary is therapeutic for me. It is not therapeutic, however, if I am crying after the bill comes. Not everyone can eat out for less than $30, … Read more

How to get FRESH PRODUCE on a budget

How to Save BIG Money on Fresh Produce

Follow my Frugal Living Board on Pinterest! This haul even surprised me this week!  I could not believe the amount of fresh produce I received for as little money as I paid.  It was $69 and some change for everything you see on that table. That is some good eatin’ y’all! How did I do it? I participate in something called Bountiful Baskets in my county.  On a Monday or Tuesday of the contriubuting week I purchase 1-2 fresh produce baskets and a few of their bonus packs.  That Saturday I arrive at the pick up location and take my order home.  Ordering days and pick up times vary by location.  Pretty simple, huh? This is not just a local … Read more

How I Plan to Feed My Family of 7 on $400 a Month

How I Plan to Feed a Family of 7 on $400 a Month

During the first half of our marriage, my husband and I struggled financially. There were periods of unemployment. We traveled multiple times across the country to find work. Those were tough years. Even though we don’t live quite paycheck to paycheck now like we used to, I adopted some frugal habits back then that still serve us well. A Small Budget We have a small budget living on less than $3,000 a month for seven people, but I am dedicated to stick to it and not stress over it.  I know many people live on less. We have had nothing at times to even budget  so I get the whole pinching pennies – trust me! We are paid weekly with my … Read more