Laundry 101 FREE Printable Pack

FREE Laundry 101 Printable for your Little Helpers

The one chore I consistently struggle getting the kids to help with is laundry. There is a certain precision that must be mastered when it comes to laundry that younger kids have a hard time grasping, but I still want to have them be involved and learn what they can when they are able. Here are three easy ways to divide the laundry responsibilities among younger children: The youngest children can do the sorting and learn valuable skills at the same time. Tots through Pre-K are the perfect ages to practice opposites with right? So use laundry as a teaching tool … light vs. dark, big vs. little, and understanding textures are actually important developmental tasks that small children should … Read more

Banana Nut Bread: a No-Stress, Large Family Recipe

Banana Nut Bread: No Stress, Large Family Recipe

We make banana nut bread at least 2-3 times per month. I always have a few bananas that are on their last leg and if they are not going to go into a smoothie, no one wants to eat them, because, really, who wants to eat a soggy banana? I have followed various recipes over the years. I can tell you a few things about making banana nut bread based on others’ recipes that annoy me. Do you have the same pet peeves as me? I can’t stand using loaf pans. Other recipes either seem to make too much where it overflows my loaf pan, or I can never seem to find the magical time vs. temperature ratio so that … Read more

5 Ways to Declutter Your Schedule

5 Ways to Declutter Your Schedule: Stop Being Busy and Start Being Productive!

I joke that my days are fueled on coffee, stress, and the grace of God, but honestly, that isn’t too far from the truth. I find myself rarely feeling content to just be still because my mind is always racing to the next thing on the list. If I am sitting with my husband in the evenings, I am thinking about how messy the house is. If I am homeschooling the kids, I am obsessing over all that needs to be completed at work. When I am working at home, I feel guilty because I would rather be with my kids. I do many things, but I never do any of them well, because I am doing too much. As … Read more

How to eat out for less than $30

How We Eat Out for Less than $30 for a Family of 7

Do you like to eat out? I REALLY do! We just don’t do it very often because it is not nearly as healthy as cooking at home, and it is definitely NOT a frugal option for feeding a large family. Why do I like it so much then? Because in some ways eating out makes me feel human. I know that seems silly, but we live in a rural community and I do not get out very much, so doing something every once in a while that is fun and out of the ordinary is therapeutic for me. It is not therapeutic, however, if I am crying after the bill comes. Not everyone can eat out for less than $30, … Read more

Sriracha Salmon Cakes

Sriracha Salmon Cakes

My husband discovered sriracha a few months ago and he wants it on everything. It is the new favorite condiment in our household.  We put it on our sandwiches and wraps, our eggs in the morning, and our potato fries at night.  We did not realize what a viral sensation sriracha was until we saw a documentary about it on Netflix.  I guess we were caught up in a world-wide fad and did not even know it! This recipe below for Sriracha Salmon Cakes has a nice spicy kick from the sriracha but also a healthy omega-3 punch from the salmon and chia seeds mixed in – I love chia seeds, don’t you? A More Natural Take on a Popular Hot … Read more

DIY Oil Pulling Melts for a Cleaner Mouth

Oil Pulling 101 I have been oil pulling on and off for several years now. I was having issues with a tooth that has a crown on it and after going to the dentist to be reassured that nothing was wrong, I decided to do my own research on how to help with tooth pain. Through my research I discovered that oil pulling can help reverse cavities and even remineralize your teeth.  If you would like to learn more about the benefits of oil pulling for a cleaner mouth CLICK HERE. I also learned quite a bit about clove oil that you might find interesting.  Dr. Mercola has an extensive article concerning the historical uses and modern day benefits of clove oil. … Read more