Beef and Quinoa CHEESY Stuffed Peppers Recipe

Beef & Quinoa Cheesy Stuffed Peppers Recipe

I LOVE stuffed peppers. My husband is more the take it or leave it kind of guy, but my kids go crazy for them as much as I do. They each want a whole pepper all to themselves. I often wonder if it is just because it looks fun to have a whole pepper like that sitting in front of you. Whatever the reason is, I am so glad that they love to eat their vegetables and this is a great way to pack all those nutrients in while making a one dish meal. It makes clean up so easy to do one-pot meals doesn’t it? This take on the classic stuffed peppers dish is now a new family favorite … Read more

Homemade Cream of Soup Mix

Homemade Cream Of Soup Mix Recipe

I have been using this recipe for Homemade Cream of Soup for over five years now and love it.  It saves us money and is much more environmentally friendly than purchasing the canned versions at the grocery store. The health benefits are a bonus too! This recipe contains no unnatural preservatives or aluminum, and you are in control of the salt content.  Since it is a powdered mix it stores really well just in the cupboard in a dry, sealed container. I hope you love it as much as our family does! Try it today! Print Homemade "Cream Of" Soup Mix Recipe Category: Homemaking, Recipes, Soups Ingredients 2 cup organic non-fat dry milk 2 1/2 cup arrowroot powder 1/2 cup organic … Read more