The Good & The Beautiful Language Arts and Literature Level 4 Review and Giveaway

The Good and the Beautiful: Language Arts & Literature Level 4 Curriculum Review

The Good and the Beautiful: Language Arts and Literature Level 4 If you are looking for a relaxed approach to Language Arts that combines all of your necessary studies in one curriculum, I would recommend that you take a look at this curriculum. There is no daily prep time and this Language Arts program combines multiple subjects – every homeschool mom’s dream! There are 7 levels to choose from with a high school level promised to arrive in the summer of 2018! The following subjects are covered in Level 4 of the Language Arts & Literature Course: Reading Writing Spelling Grammar & Punctuation Literature Art Geography My daughter said that the Creative Companion which covers Writing, Geography and Art was … Read more

Nature Study: A Quick Start Guide

Nature Study: A Quick Start Guide

Most parents understand that their children need less screen time and more time outdoors, but when it comes to nature study you might feel a little bit lost. It sounds fun, but how do you actually begin? The Purpose of Nature Study I think we have to answer this question first. What is the purpose of nature study?  We do nature study, first and foremost, to stop and bask in the glory of God’s creation.  Of course it is wonderful that the kids are outdoors and burning off energy. It is also a benefit that they are learning about the plants and the bugs, the weather, constellations, and so much more. As we research these things that spark our interest, … Read more

Charlotte Mason Calendar

Start the Year on a Charlotte Mason Trail with this FREE Activity Calendar!

Every day is another Charlotte Mason day when you download this Charlotte Mason January Activity Calendar. Start the year on a Charlotte Mason trail. Each day provides you with an activity. Monday provides you with the copywork for the week. Tuesdays are picture talk days. Wednesday will delight with composer study. Thursdays explore the world with nature study. Friday is your day to learn a new habit to implement in the coming weeks. The calendar will provide you with links to free downloadable products, coupons for other products, and coupons to get some products for free! Download your calendar TODAY and get started! LIMITED TIME OFFER! Through 1/10 download the Charlotte Mason themed Student Portfolio Binder for FREE! Whether your aim … Read more

Christmas Carol Copywork

A Christmas Carol Copywork & Notebooking Pages

A Christmas Carol Copywork & Notebooking Pages A Christmas Carol has always been one of my favorite holiday stories. It has become a family tradition to read the story and watch the movie each year. This time of year can be a peaceful and beautiful time, even in the busyness, when you take the time to focus on what makes it a lovely time of year.   Get your FREE copy today by clicking the download button below. I have always felt that taking time out to focus homeschooling and my home on the holidays always made for very special memories. Start a homeschool family tradition with this Dickens’ classic!

Charlotte Mason Homeschool Portfolio

Charlotte Mason Themed Homeschool Student Portfolio

“The question is not, — how much does the youth know? when he has finished his education — but how much does he care? and about how many orders of things does he care? In fact, how large is the room in which he finds his feet set? and, therefore, how full is the life he has before him?” ~ Charlotte Mason, School Education: Developing a Curriculum What did your child learn to care about this year? If you are a Charlotte Mason homeschooler, you will love this Homeschool Student Portfolio styled perfectly to organize your child’s accomplishments from the previous school year. Whether your aim is to meet state standards or just keep memories for the future, this printable … Read more

Making Narration Fun

Making Narration Fun Download

Making Narration Fun Narration is one of my favorite aspects of the Charlotte Mason methods. It quite simply is the process of retelling a story or text. The process begins by reading your child a passage from a living book or even a portion of your history text. Then ask your child to retell, in her own words, what she has heard. Traditionally it is done orally. However, I have developed, Making Narration Fun, to mix things up and keep it fresh. Benefits of Making Narration Fun Some children may not know how to form a narration or go beyond repeating exactly what they heard. Allowing them to use their creativity or see things from a different perspective will help them … Read more