Enter to WIN a FULL Grades 1-7 Set of Math Curriculum from Math Mammoth!

Math Mammoth GIVEAWAY – 3 Winners to Win a Full Set of Grades 1-7 Math Curriculum!

When I was provided the opportunity to review Math Mammoth’s Light Blue Series, I jumped on it. I have heard so many great things about this program, that I need to try it for myself. It also could not have come at a better time, because my son was transitioning out of a popular math program that just wasn’t challenging him anymore. I took Math Mammoth’s placement test with my son which was really quite quick and painless. It showed me where he could use some more practice to round out his first grade year and we got straight to it. I have the digital curriculum and it was so easy to just find the exact chapters with which we … Read more

Spanish for You! Giveaway

Teach Spanish in a Simple, Effective and Affordable Way & Enter the GIVEAWAY!

Have you been wondering how to incorporate learning a foreign language into your homeschool? Learning Spanish can be simple, effective, and affordable with Spanish for You! Spanish for You! is a theme-based curriculum that engages students through a variety of easily taught activities and techniques, AND saves homeschoolers time and money by using streamlined lessons with inexpensive materials. Rather than complete levels, students complete school-year-long themed packages that can be done in any order. The more themes they complete, the more skill they build and progress. Children learn how the language works! They learn how to use the various components of language – vocabulary, verbs, and grammar concepts – together in different ways to understand, speak, read, and write. You … Read more

The Good & The Beautiful Language Arts and Literature Level 4 Review and Giveaway

The Good and the Beautiful: Language Arts & Literature Level 4 Curriculum Review

The Good and the Beautiful: Language Arts and Literature Level 4 If you are looking for a relaxed approach to Language Arts that combines all of your necessary studies in one curriculum, I would recommend that you take a look at this curriculum. There is no daily prep time and this Language Arts program combines multiple subjects – every homeschool mom’s dream! There are 7 levels to choose from with a high school level promised to arrive in the summer of 2018! The following subjects are covered in Level 4 of the Language Arts & Literature Course: Reading Writing Spelling Grammar & Punctuation Literature Art Geography My daughter said that the Creative Companion which covers Writing, Geography and Art was … Read more

Good and the Beautiful History Curriculum

The Good and The Beautiful: History Curriculum Review

History has always served as the foundation for my homeschool. It began as purely selfish intentions as I am a self-proclaimed, unashamed history lover. History is mixed with language, writing, literature, and science in my home. From morning lessons to afternoons watching history documentaries, I created a few little history lovers of my own. Our home is sprinkled with interactive history books, historical fiction, and a son who keeps us up to date with the best historical documentaries on Netflix. So, it would only stand to reason that we want a serious history curriculum that emphasizes faith with a side of fun. Is that possible? I had many friends and some readers ask me about The Good and the Beautiful. … Read more

CTC Math Review

High School Homeschool Math Curriculum without Tears or Fear

CTCMath is a Game Changer for Homeschool Math Algebra, geometry, trigonometry, calculus…. Those words are enough to inspire fear in any math challenged homeschool mom with a high school student. When your child reaches middle school and high school, those of us who are not confident teaching math, want to pull the covers over our heads and wish it away. I’m a history girl. I’m a writer and graphic designer. My brain doesn’t compute anything above Algebra 2. How would I handle high school math? Thankfully, CTCMath saved the day! Homeschool Math is Easy with CTCMath Really…it is! I know you are doubting the ease of teaching your high school student math. What math curriculum could possibly make math a joy? Yes, … Read more

Virtual Education with Streamable Learning and a GIVEAWAY!

FREE ONE WEEK ONLY Virtual Educational Event for Homeschoolers and a GIVEAWAY!

Do you employ a lot of YouTube videos in your homeschool? What about educational online games? I have a resource for you that is going to knock your socks off! I was just introduced to Streamable Learning recently. I was skeptical considering I have had the chance to look at quite a few online educational programs geared towards homeschoolers. This was very different and the price is right! If you are like me and don’t have the time or the opportunity to visit museums or even your local zoo, this resource will be well worth your investment. Streamable Learning will bring the experience of visiting an observatory, history museum, archaeological dig site, science museum, or even an aquarium into your living … Read more