CTC Math Review

High School Homeschool Math Curriculum without Tears or Fear

CTCMath is a Game Changer for Homeschool Math Algebra, geometry, trigonometry, calculus…. Those words are enough to inspire fear in any math challenged homeschool mom with a high school student. When your child reaches middle school and high school, those of us who are not confident teaching math, want to pull the covers over our heads and wish it away. I’m a history girl. I’m a writer and graphic designer. My brain doesn’t compute anything above Algebra 2. How would I handle high school math? Thankfully, CTCMath saved the day! Homeschool Math is Easy with CTCMath Really…it is! I know you are doubting the ease of teaching your high school student math. What math curriculum could possibly make math a joy? Yes, … Read more

Virtual Education with Streamable Learning and a GIVEAWAY!

FREE ONE WEEK ONLY Virtual Educational Event for Homeschoolers and a GIVEAWAY!

Do you employ a lot of YouTube videos in your homeschool? What about educational online games? I have a resource for you that is going to knock your socks off! I was just introduced to Streamable Learning recently. I was skeptical considering I have had the chance to look at quite a few online educational programs geared towards homeschoolers. This was very different and the price is right! If you are like me and don’t have the time or the opportunity to visit museums or even your local zoo, this resource will be well worth your investment. Streamable Learning will bring the experience of visiting an observatory, history museum, archaeological dig site, science museum, or even an aquarium into your living … Read more

When Lightning Struck!

When Lightning Struck! A Living Book Review on the Life of Martin Luther

**This post contains Amazon affiliate links and cookie installing links. You are not required to purchase through these links but if you do the small commission that we make helps to keep this website running and our families fed. We thank you for reading Talking Mom2Mom. For more information please see our disclosure page. If you haven’t celebrated Reformation Day before, this is the year to do it. This October 31, 2017 marks the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation. If you are unfamiliar with Church history, on October 31, 1517, Martin Luther nailed his Ninety-Five Theses to the door of the Castle Church in Wittenberg, Germany. This historical moment is considered the spark of The Protestant Reformation. It is increasingly … Read more

Learning to Read in Preschool with My Jolly Phonics

Phonics is such an important step in teaching a child to read. Learning the sounds of the individual letters first and how to blend them together is a skill that builds a solid foundation for literacy. I have personally used so many different types of phonics curriculum over the years, but never one quite as cute as My Jolly Phonics. I was provided a copy by the distributor here stateside, Deb Bible with JollyLiteracy.com, so that I could share my honest opinion with you about this new-to-me educational resource! What’s Included? My Jolly Phonics does provide a number of resources within their preschool course. The preschool set ($185.00) includes the following: Hardcover Jolly Stories book Jolly Phonics DVD Jolly Games … Read more

Reading Horizons Elevate Review

Reading Horizons Elevate: Just when I thought nothing would work…

Reading with Confidence. Reading at the right Pace. Reading Horizons. It is no secret that I am a fan of Reading Horizons.  It has been my pleasure to review for Reading Horizons in the past, like this post about the Discovery program.  I also named it one of my top three favorite reading programs in another post.  So before we go a step further, let’s state the obvious, I did get the program in exchange for a review and I am a Reading Horizons affiliate.  I would love it if you purchased your program through my Reading Horizons affiliate link.  However, I am more concerned that you give it a chance than buy through my link.  Truly.  They allow you … Read more

My top 3 favorite reading programs

Top 3 Favorite Reading Programs

    1.  Logic of English No frills.  Straightforward.  Simple to use and implement. One program for all ages.  Suggestions for proper use for each age group. Teaches from a solid Orton-Gillingham method. The phonogram is associated with the sound so the letter becomes the image.  This is especially important for dyslexics. Lessons teach phonics, phonograms, spelling, dictation, and grammar. As the name of the program suggests it is taught in a logical and orderly fashion. All sounds for a vowel are taught at one time.  This is to prevent confusion and frustration when a child learns short “a” and then must adjust to long “a”.  Again, this is very important for dyslexics.  A child will actually have to unlearn … Read more