Reading Horizons Elevate Review

Reading Horizons Elevate: Just when I thought nothing would work…

Reading with Confidence. Reading at the right Pace. Reading Horizons. It is no secret that I am a fan of Reading Horizons.  It has been my pleasure to review for Reading Horizons in the past, like this post about the Discovery program.  I also named it one of my top three favorite reading programs in another post.  So before we go a step further, let’s state the obvious, I did get the program in exchange for a review and I am a Reading Horizons affiliate.  I would love it if you purchased your program through my Reading Horizons affiliate link.  However, I am more concerned that you give it a chance than buy through my link.  Truly.  They allow you … Read more

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Printable Dyslexia Helps for YOU Plus a FREE Bonus

Dyslexia Helps Printables for YOU! Years ago, dyslexia became more than just a word in my home. When my middle daughter was 6 years old, she was diagnosed with dyslexia. Ever since, we have used every opportunity to help remediate her dyslexia from fun apps to curriculum. Both of us have learned quite a bit over the years. In that time she has moved up two grade levels in reading and I became an Orton-Gillingham tutor. My love for my daughter and my inner teacher developed a passion for giving children with dyslexia tools to help them learn in a fun and engaging way. Two of my favorite resources that I originally created for my daughter are Reading Color Words … Read more

Discovering Dyslexia

Dyslexia Was Only a Word… The look on her face, as she stared at the flashcard, revealed the confusion going on inside her head.  She could not make sense of the letters. The simple word “in” became an impossible puzzle. She knew what an “i” sounded like.  She knew what an “n” sounded like.  But the pieces did not fit.  The word was never formed.  Her bright eyes grew misty and the storm came.  The only evidence of a reading lesson was the tears that fell on the table. Dyslexia was only a word in the back of mind yet it would begin to mean much more. Why could other children her age read and she could not?  Why was … Read more

My top 3 favorite reading programs

Top 3 Favorite Reading Programs

    1.  Logic of English No frills.  Straightforward.  Simple to use and implement. One program for all ages.  Suggestions for proper use for each age group. Teaches from a solid Orton-Gillingham method. The phonogram is associated with the sound so the letter becomes the image.  This is especially important for dyslexics. Lessons teach phonics, phonograms, spelling, dictation, and grammar. As the name of the program suggests it is taught in a logical and orderly fashion. All sounds for a vowel are taught at one time.  This is to prevent confusion and frustration when a child learns short “a” and then must adjust to long “a”.  Again, this is very important for dyslexics.  A child will actually have to unlearn … Read more

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Top Apps for Dyslexia

Once my daughter was diagnosed with dyslexia, I went on the search for educational tools that would aid my daughter in learning to read. Dyslexia is not a roadblock yet it does change the course of how you teach your child. One of my favorite new homeschool tools is the iPad. The sheer amount of educational apps can be overwhelming. So, I want to share my top picks that have helped my daughter. The apps will not only benefit a child with dyslexia but any child who struggles to read. 1. Dyslexia Quest- $1.99: (iTunes) The Yeti Master will take your child on an adventure while testing working memory, processing speed, visual memory, phonological awareness, auditory memory, and sequencing skills. … Read more