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This contest and sale are over Homeschool curriculum buying season is here! Maybe you are like me and try to stretch your homeschool budget as far as it will go. Well, friends, this is something you just can’t miss! The Build Your Bundle Homeschool Sale is finally here and you can rest assured that these deals {up to 97% off!!} are the best you will find on Pre-K and K-12 curriculum. BUT- what if I told you that I can make curriculum shopping even easier on your budget this year?! Now, I’ve got your attention, right?! This contest and sale are over This post contains affiliate links. You are not required to purchase through these links but if you do the … Read more

4 Resources to Build a Strong Biblical Foundation for your Family

4 Resources to Build Biblical Foundations for your Family

Character training and building Biblical foundations is always at the forefront of my priorities when choosing our homeschool curriculum each year. For preschoolers we have used our ABC’s for Godly Children digital curriculum in the past, but I was looking for something new that would go much deeper. My husband and I were looking for resources that would confirm BIG Gospel truths in ways that our children could understand, but at the same time would not be watered down, trite lessons. This list will work for your younger and your older children. I love lessons that keep the whole family engaged, don’t you?   Affiliate links are found below. You are not obligated to shop through these links but the small percentages … Read more

Homeschool Student Portfolio Binder

We are getting to the end of the school year and often that is when we start considering our goals for next year and begin perusing the curriculum catalogs. This process of goal setting and reconsidering our victories and missteps during the previous semester is a good practice. It enables us to learn from mistakes and to challenge ourselves for the following year. One of my personal resolutions usually entails organization of the homeschool room to some extent. It never fails that I have a monstrous pile of papers staring me down full of worksheets, projects, etc. belonging to each individual child. In the past I have stored all of those papers in individual boxes for each child, but not this year! Join … Read more

Charlotte Mason Homeschool Portfolio

Charlotte Mason Themed Homeschool Student Portfolio

“The question is not, — how much does the youth know? when he has finished his education — but how much does he care? and about how many orders of things does he care? In fact, how large is the room in which he finds his feet set? and, therefore, how full is the life he has before him?” ~ Charlotte Mason, School Education: Developing a Curriculum What did your child learn to care about this year? If you are a Charlotte Mason homeschooler, you will love this Homeschool Student Portfolio styled perfectly to organize your child’s accomplishments from the previous school year. Whether your aim is to meet state standards or just keep memories for the future, this printable … Read more

The Qualifications of a Homeschool Mom

The Qualifications of a Homeschool Mom “What qualifies you to homeschool?” Have you ever been asked that? Have you asked yourself that question? We live in a world where the education of our children is routinely handed off to a system. The thought is that a system made up of standardized tests and teachers is best able to educate children. Anytime someone deviates from the accepted norm the result is backlash. Family, friends, and professionals in education challenge homeschool moms to prove they are able to handle a child’s entire education. Can you handle holding your child’s entire education in your hands? Well, the truth is that you already do. Whether you decide to send your child to school or … Read more

Making Narration Fun

Making Narration Fun Download

Making Narration Fun Narration is one of my favorite aspects of the Charlotte Mason methods. It quite simply is the process of retelling a story or text. The process begins by reading your child a passage from a living book or even a portion of your history text. Then ask your child to retell, in her own words, what she has heard. Traditionally it is done orally. However, I have developed, Making Narration Fun, to mix things up and keep it fresh. Benefits of Making Narration Fun Some children may not know how to form a narration or go beyond repeating exactly what they heard. Allowing them to use their creativity or see things from a different perspective will help them … Read more