FREE Build Your Own Bakery Activity Pack

Why Starting a Business with Your Kids Should be a Priority and a FREE Build Your Own Bakery Activity Pack!

Have you ever come across this question as a mom? “People keep saying that college isn’t necessary to have a quality life. Do you feel like college is a non-negotiable in your child’s education?” I got this question just this morning, and it really made me think. I honestly believe that college is not the priority, but honing a valuable and marketable skill is. That is what we have seen in our life. My husband’s degree has done nothing for him as it was in “classical studies”. He had to start at the bottom in a random company and prove himself worthy and skilled and was able to rise up because of his initiative and ability to adapt and self-teach. … Read more

5 Ways to Encourage a Reluctant Writer

Is your child a reluctant writer? The writing process involves planning, drafting, revising, editing, and finally a completed version. Students must consider grammar, spelling, vocabulary, sentence structure, and an overall flow while coming up with ideas on a topic they often are not attached to. Combine all of this with a red pencil and the stress alone will induce writer’s block. 5 Ways to Encourage a Reluctant Writer 1. Encourage Thoughts First.  If your child insists that crossing the Serengeti would be easier than drafting a sentence you may need to change your approach. Instead of asking for sentences, ask your child to write down thoughts. In essence, you want your child to free write. Freewriting means writing without the … Read more

Funny Picture Writing Prompts: Funny Animals Edition

Writing Made Fun with Funny Picture Writing Prompts My kids always groan when it is time to write. They complain that they don’t know what to write about or that writing is boring. Do you hear the same complaints from your children? After using funny picture writing prompts you may never hear those complaints again! Picture Writing Prompts Add Fun to Writing Picture writing prompts are a great tool to get kids talking which then leads to writing. The picture sparks their creativity and allows for a low-stress atmosphere in which to write down their thoughts. Once they have their thoughts written it becomes easier to craft sentences. Click below to download your own Funny Picture Animal Prompts to inspire … Read more

Homeschool Mom's Burnout and Sick Day Toolkit

Homeschool Mom Burnout Prevention

Homeschool Burnout Prevention Starts Now Homeschooling is one of the leading causes of mom burnout. It causes burnout because it is more than a task it is a lifestyle. Think about the last time you sat around chatting it up at the coffee shop with a friend. Did the subject of curriculum come up? Did you hint at lesson planning? Did you confess you feel you are failing because your children didn’t complete a timeline? Our lives are infused with homeschooling. We homeschool with our heart and soul because of the love we have for our children. We want the absolute best for them. When the vision we have for homeschooling does not line up with the missed assignments and … Read more

September Calendar

Free Printable: Brainy Day Warm Up for September

Inspiration for the Brainy Days September Calendar Come to my house any night for dinner and you will hear laughter as my husband playfully quizzes the kids. We often would all participate by going around the table and playing along to fun questions like “How many dog breeds can you name?” or “You start with “A” and name a city or a state and let’s keep going around.” We had so much fun that one of the kids started it at the breakfast table. It would often lead to fun discussions and plenty of laughs. I’d say that is a great recipe for learning. It was a great way to wake up and get those thinking caps on. So the … Read more


NO FEAR Planning and Transcripts for High School

Are you looking for an easy way to plan high school? Are you experiencing the homeschooling high school jitters? It’s ok. It’s completely natural. The first wave of fear comes when we have to chose the subjects we will teach. The second wave comes when we realize that we just picked subjects that WE will teach. Once we realize that picking subjects wasn’t so bad and outsourcing teaching is available then we are stopped in our tracks by planning out the year and creating transcripts. Could it be possible that our kids will fall behind or their transcripts will be met with rolling eyes by those in college admissions? Let’s alleviate that fear with a simple solution–Homeschool Planet. Take the … Read more