FREE Love your Neighbor Valentine's Day Unit Study

FREE Love Your Neighbor: A Valentine’s Day Unit Study

Valentine’s Day is a wonderful opportunity to teach your children about how to love their neighbors. Young children can begin to understand the practical aspect of “loving their neighbor” by starting with those that live or work in their neighborhood. Use the activities below to help your children look outside of themselves this Valentine’s Day and practice loving others intentionally. This Lesson Includes:  Talk About It: A short devotion to read and discuss. Scripture Cards: Scripture cards about love to study, pray over, or memorize. Copywork Pages: Copywork pages in print corresponding to each of the scripture cards. Prayer Cards: Prayer cards your kids can fill out to help them pray for their neighbors. Gift Bag Activity: Give small Valentine’s Day gift … Read more

Using Catechisms to Disciple our Children

Using Catechisms to Disciple Children and a FREE Printable

A Definition A catechism is a method of teaching Biblical doctrine in which the tutor asks the student a series of questions and the pupil gives a specific, memorized answer to each question.  The idea behind teaching with catechisms is that, especially for younger children, the memorization of catechisms will instill Biblical truth within that child for the rest of their lives. What will be memorized in doctrine and theology as a child, will with discipleship and training, become knowledge and wisdom as the child grows older about the Person of God and the Truth of His Word.  The History Catechism type handbooks, according to the Encyclopedia Britanica online, were written as early in Church history by Augustine and Cyril.  … Read more

Preschool at Home: Noah and the Flood Bible Lesson

Teaching through Noah and the Flood

Noah and the Flood is considered one of the most popular stories in the Bible. This biblical account is not just a cute little children’s tale though when you think about it. It is in fact, a detailed description of one of the most tragic events in human history, next to Adam and Eve’s sin in the Garden. How do we teach the lessons presented to us in the Bible concerning Noah and the Flood to a preschooler? Download a FREE Bible Lesson on Noah and the Flood written with preschoolers in mind below!Looking for more Bible Lessons from Talking Mom2Mom? CLICK HERE to browse all of our Bible-based lessons. Teaching Tough Truths My children and I have been reading … Read more