Cultivating Family Traditions on Reformation Day

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My children greeted me with “Happy Reformation Day!” this morning. It was so precious. I am so thankful that we have this time every year that we set aside specifically to focus on learning sound doctrine and exploring Church history. Sure, we study these things at other points during our year, but this is something we all look forward to in a unique way. I absolutely love cultivating family traditions that will follow us for years to come, don’t you?

Here is a video of my children wishing you a Happy Reformation Day on our Talking Mom2Mom Facebook Page.

Reformation Day Beard Baby

I want to share with you some of the Reformation Day traditions that we have created, as well as the resources we are going to be using today. If you want to join us in celebrating Reformation Day, it isn’t too late!

Some of the following links include third-party affiliate links from resources and people I personally know and trust. I am sharing them with you, only because we love to use these in our home so much. You are under no obligation to purchase through these links, but if you do you can rest in knowing that you are supporting my family, as well as these dear friends’ families who have put the time and effort into creating these quality Reformation Day resources for you. Thank you for being a loyal reader of Talking Mom2Mom!

Reformation Day Resources that Teach

Reformation Day 2017
My children doing their Five Solas Family Bible Study activities.

A Reformation Day Party

Reformation Day Crafts and Games

Our Reformation Day Family Tradition

In our home on Reformation Day, we always review the story of the Protestant Reformation, its key characters, and The Five Solas – slogans coined during The Reformation outlining key doctrines for which the Reformers fought to bring to light once more. Our family always comes together with grandparents to make a themed meal. Tonight’s menu includes a German sauerkraut and sausage dish with German potato salad as a side. We will have German chocolate cake for dessert. Last year we made all the snacks listed here for a fun Reformation Day candy theme. We always end the night watching the movie Luther starring Joseph Fiennes.

If you are an Amazon Prime member you can also stream The Torchlighters Series: Martin Luther for FREE! Netflix also has a documentary: Martin Luther: The Idea that Changed the World if you are a member.

We hope that you have found some really fun activities and resources for your family to do today in order to celebrate Reformation Day alongside our family. I can’t say enough for how much our family enjoys really diving deep into Church History and deeper theology during this time. I feel it bonds us more closely together, and even helps to set our hearts in the right direction to focus on gratitude for Thanksgiving and on the ultimate gift of Jesus at Christmas. If you have any questions at all or would like to share some of your family’s traditions, please comment below. I love hearing what others are doing!

Happy Reformation Day from my family to yours!

Learn more about The Five Solas: Signs to Follow on the Narrow Path, 7 day family Bible study here!

The Five Solas Family Bible Study


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