High School Homeschool Math Curriculum without Tears or Fear

CTCMath is a Game Changer for Homeschool Math

Algebra, geometry, trigonometry, calculus….

Those words are enough to inspire fear in any math challenged homeschool mom with a high school student. When your child reaches middle school and high school, those of us who are not confident teaching math, want to pull the covers over our heads and wish it away. I’m a history girl. I’m a writer and graphic designer. My brain doesn’t compute anything above Algebra 2. How would I handle high school math? Thankfully, CTCMath saved the day!

CTC Math Review

Homeschool Math is Easy with CTCMath

Really…it is! I know you are doubting the ease of teaching your high school student math. What math curriculum could possibly make math a joy? Yes, I said a joy. Ok, so my kid isn’t jumping up and down to do math every day but there is no more complaining, confusion, or procrastination. Best of all, there is actual learning going on. So from my perspective, this CTCMath brings joy. I no longer fear high school math because I have essentially outsourced it to CTCMath.

What makes CTCMATH it so easy to implement in your Homeschool?

  • Video lessons are taught traditionally and not just for a test. The lessons are clear and easy to understand without being lengthy.
  • Since the program is online and can be accessed from any device, the flexibility is a plus for any active homeschool family. Math can always come along for the ride!
  • An entire lesson can be completed in 30-40 minutes.
  • You can print off the work or do it entirely online.
  • CTCMath tracks your child’s progress and sends you email reports.
  • You can assign tasks and oversee everything your child is doing.
  • Access to all grade levels allows you to fill in any gaps or get extra practice.

High School Math Curriculum and Success Done!

Yes, check off high school math as done! Imagine math curriculum that takes away the stress from your student and you. Imagine feeling like math is not the worst part of your day. If your child struggling in math then CTCMath is the prescription from this homeschool mom. If your child is doing pretty good in math but teaching it and finding a good fit is hard, like in my home, then CTCMath will save the day!


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RIchele is a homeschooling mom of 4 children ranging in age from 8 to 19 years old. She has a collegiate background in educational psychology which did little to prepare her for grading math papers while making dinner. After admitting to a font addiction and many hex colored dreams, she created RM Design Services & Branding Stylist, where she creates printables, media kits, and more to help women create their best online presence through design.

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