Homeschool Schedule: Fitting it all in the Charlotte Mason Way

Charlotte Mason

The Charlotte Mason method employs short lessons which enable the student to stay engaged and develop the habit of paying attention while allowing a well-stocked day of lessons.  Many are amazed how many subjects my children study and books that are read in one year.  My children do not spend all day working on school.  In fact, they probably spend quite a bit less time than you may imagine.

The Charlotte Mason method instructs class time as follows:

  • 15-20 minutes per subject for grades 1-3
  • 20-30 minutes per subject for grades 4-6
  • 30-45 minutes per subject for grades 7-9
The two most important habits taught are the habit of attention and perfect execution.  Short classes allow you to build the habit of attention.  I found it naturally made it easier to build the habit of perfect execution since the children were not bored or exhausted with the lesson.  While the lessons may be short, we want to focus on quality of work therefore reinforcing perfect execution.  These two habits will dramatically change your homeschool.


Daily Lessons the Charlotte Mason Way

Here is a glimpse into my daily routine with my children.

  • copywork
  • narration
  • nature journals
  • spelling
  • dictation
  • math
  • language/grammar
  • Bible
  • Latin


The Charlotte Mason Week for My Homeschool


  • History (shared subject among all the kids)
  • Additional subject such as logic, foreign language, music appreciation or art appreciation.


  • Science (shared subject among all the kids)
  • Additional subject such as poetry, geography, or handicrafts


In my homeschool, I handle Fridays a bit differently.  I break from routine and use the day for projects, science experiments, independent study, or reinforcement needed for any subjects that present a struggle.  In addition, I use Fridays for spelling tests.

A Word on Literature


Each quarter they have a literature book and a biography or historical fiction book to read. We also have a read aloud book for each quarter.  I will also assign a few other books that correlate with our studies in science or history.  In total, they will read 15-20 books next year.  Still wondering how it is possible?  Take your book of choice and divide the number of pages by the number of days in your quarter or semester. That will give you the minimum number of pages to read daily to complete the task.  You will also see from this if it is reasonable to complete the book in that time frame or allow for two quarters or semesters.  You will be surprised how easy it is for a kid to read several books in a short amount.  My son’s eyes would get as big as the moon when I handed him his literature books. After explaining he only had to read 5 pages a day to complete a book in the time frame allotted he was much relieved.

As you can see, I am able to pack in quite a bit into a small amount of time without stress. Remember the focus is on habit training such as attention and perfect execution along with character.  If you do nothing else in a day do math, reading, and habit training.  Habit training should not be done by default, but that will occur if we are not purposeful.

Listen to Richele and Lindsey Talk About How They Implement the Charlotte Mason Method in Their Homeschool!

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Implementing the Charlotte Mason Method in Your Homeschool



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