Index Card Craft: ABC Book


  • A-Z Card Guides for index cards
  • Set if index cards
  • Markers
  • Hole punch
  • Book rings
  • ABC Stickers


  1. Punch holes in the top corner of your A-Z cards.
  2. Use the first A guide card as your cover page. Decorate it as you wish. You may want an ABC book in a particular theme such as animals or a general book.
  3. Use the index cards as your pages. Decorate your pages to match your theme, if you chose one. You may use stickers for the letters or image, have your child draw the images and write the letters, or cut out images or letters from magazines or newspapers.
  4. Punch holes in the top corner of your index card pages as you complete them. Decide how many pages of each letter you feel is best.
  5. Add all to the book ring in proper order to create your book.


  • Add in word cards as your child increases in her knowledge of letter recognition and phonics.
  • Arrange the A-Z letter guides to complement your current reading or phonics program. For instance, you may want to put the vowels together, etc.
  • Use the concept for a word family book, verse memorization, etc

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