The Most Comprehensive, Teacher Friendly, All-In-One Reading Program on the Homeschool Market

I have tried A LOT of name brand reading programs for my children. One was way too intense for my child. Another felt more like a supplement than a real curriculum. There was one that bored us both so badly I had to get rid of it. There were many more that we tried and they all felt like they were missing something.

Teaching your child to read can be a really enjoyable experience, but it is not without its challenges. My biggest challenge has been my dyslexic daughter, but without her I would never have found the reading program that both met and exceeded all of my expectations. Logic of English‘s Foundations and Essentials programs are now a staple in our homeschool space. I really am done searching for the perfect phonics program, and I hope after reading my personal review, you will feel confident that your search can end as well.

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The Most Comprehensive, Teacher Friendly, All-In-One Reading Program on the Homeschool Market

Let me count the ways ….

1. Six subjects are covered in this one program.

There really is no other curriculum that I gush over the way that I do for Logic of English. It really does have it all. This comprehensive program covers six subjects for ages four through adults:

  • Phonics
  • Reading and Comprehension
  • Grammar
  • Spelling
  • Vocabulary
  • Handwriting

Think about how much money you will save! What’s more? They have a 90 day money back guarantee! They want you to try it and love it before you commit to it.

2. Logic of English’s approach is different.

The Logic of English method of learning to read, spell, and write is different than any other program that I have found not just in what it teaches but in how it teaches it. It doesn’t just stop at the level of sounds like many systematic phonics programs do. Instead, Logic of English takes your child on a journey in learning roots, suffixes, and prefixes. This detailed study has opened up many conversations for my children and I throughout our day as they identify certain roots that help them decode new words.

The method is based upon 74 basic phonograms and 31 spelling rules that together explain 98% of English words. Learning these essential tools eliminates unnecessary ‘exceptions’ in spelling, explains hundreds of commonly misspelled words, and brings order to the English language. We do not use any sight words; instead, students learn why words are read and spelled the way they are. – from the Logic of English website

Where there is memory work and review incorporated throughout the daily lessons, it is not exhausting. Your child will “develop strong strong comprehension and critical thinking skills as they analyze words, think about meaning, and make connections to other words and concepts” while using  Logic of English’s comprehensive program.

Logic of English Review

3. Logic of English’s approach is versatile.

The Logic of English approach is perfectly suited for the first time reader and the struggling reader alike. It is systematic and multi-sensory in its method to teach your child how to read, spell, and write.

In every lesson, multi-sensory instruction and activities engage the different centers of students’ brains – visual, auditory, kinesthetic, and speech – which allows them to deepen their learning as they build connections, use their strengths, and strengthen their areas of weakness. We teach this way because research shows that it works. Our goal is to make success in reading available to every student. – from the Logic of English website

I am teaching 4 of my 6 children to read right now. Each one has a different learning style and I love that the approach Logic of English takes to teaching these core subjects is so versatile that it works for each of my children. It is filling gaps that other programs left behind in my eldest. It is helping my dyslexic daughter gain confidence and independence in reading. It is building a strong foundation in my first time readers that I feel confident will set them up for success in a way that my older children missed out on due to the lackluster programs they started with.

Logic of English Review

4. This comprehensive reading program is open and go!

Because I have six kids, I don’t have a lot of extra time in the day to pour into school. We like short lessons that get the job done. I have very little patience for curriculum that takes more work to put together than it does to just implement it.

My favorite part about Logic of English is that it is open and go. As a mom and as a teacher, you don’t have to learn anything to instruct your child in Logic of English. In fact, I feel like I have learned so much just doing it alongside my children!

The flow of each week’s lessons feels familiar enough that you get into a comfortable groove, and everyone knows generally what to expect. However, I love that somehow it never feels monotonous. There is always a different activity to do or a different game to play. These activities and games don’t take time or effort to put together, which I can’t stress enough. I love that we can have fun in school that I don’t have to prepare ahead of time. That single aspect makes me love this program all the more.

The Logic of English Programs

There are two programs through Logic of English for reading. I really suggest you try their placement test before choosing which program to buy or which level to start your child at. You can find a thorough explanation of the differences between the programs, as well as, a helpful tool to help you choose based on your personal needs here.

Essentials 1-7 Complete Set


I have been using the Essentials program for almost two years now with my eldest daughter. This coming year she will begin Volume 2. The Essentials program is for ages 8 through adult.

My dyslexic daughter just finished Foundations B last year and I am going to let her try the Essentials Level A this year due to her age. What you will learn with Logic of English is that some of their Foundations and Essentials programs overlap in content taught. Foundations is just more geared for younger children, whereas, Essentials is created for an older audience. If she doesn’t thrive with Essentials then we will go back and do Foundations C because she really did love Foundations A and B.

My favorite part about Essentials is that it is a multi-level reading, spelling, and vocabulary program. Basically the two volumes will easily take one child through middle school. The price looks hefty up front, but really it is SO much cheaper compared to other programs that have books to buy each year. I bought the two volumes and will now only have to buy the workbooks for years to come for my up and coming students. It really is a huge budget saver!

Logic of English Review


My 6 year old son and his 5 year old sister are working through their Foundations A and B books this year. I have seen my son THRIVE with Logic of English. His handwriting is improving. He really enjoys all of the interactive games we play, and his reading abilities have significantly increased since we began. He wants to read and he enjoys writing. What else could I ask from a phonics program?

The Foundations program has short yet comprehensive lessons for ages 4-7 years. It contains a complete phonics, reading, handwriting, and spelling program. Foundations combines multi-sensory learning with the latest in linguistic research utilizing the Orton Gillingham approach to learning to read to provide students a strong foundation in reading and writing.

Logic of English’s Resources

Adding to their array of products, Logic of English provides a mountain of resources for parents and students alike.  They have encouraging online communities, a super helpful YouTube channel, amazing customer service agents, apps for your iPhone and Kindle, as well as really unique set of leveled books to pair with your lessons.

I have found their books to be so much better than standard leveled readers out on the market, especially for my dyslexic child. Regular leveled readers contain words that she is not ready for, but Logic of English readers were specifically designed to only contain the words she is learning or has already learned. This helps to give her a confidence boost like no other. She can actually finish a book without my help!

Have I convinced you yet?

I love that Logic of English incorporates all of the subjects that my children need into one curriculum. I have had success with this program and I know many others who have as well for their emerging readers and struggling readers alike. Logic of English’s systematic and multi-sensory approach is great for every kind of learner. Their entertaining games and no-fuss activities keep you moving and having fun while learning. As a parent who has tried multiple popular reading programs on the homeschool market today, I can confidently say that this one is my top pick for teaching a child to read, spell, and write.

If you would like to learn more about Logic of English, I recommend visiting their website first to learn more about their passion for reversing and solving America’s literacy crisis. Visit their YouTube Channel to see their products and lessons in action. Check out their store to see their myriad of products, and finally, take their FREE tool to see where your child should begin.

I know if you try it, you will love Logic of English as much as I do. You can now shop with confidence because they have a 90 day money back guarantee! You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain.

Check out my full video review in our Facebook group Curriculum Chefs: Whipping up the best curriculum choices for YOUR child by clicking on the image below!

Logic of English Tree

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