Making it Right When Things Go Wrong in Your Business

What will you do when things go wrong?

There is nothing that reveals character more than adversity. No matter what you do to avoid problems, problems still arise. So, let’s make some lemonade and think of problems as an opportunity. You won’t survive in business if you don’t learn to be solution oriented instead of hiding under your blanket with the lights out when something goes wrong. Stand up and look adversity in the eye.  Your customers don’t expect you to be infallible but they do expect you to stand behind your business. How you handle adversity will determine customer loyalty.

Three Questions to Ask Yourself When Making a Wrong a Right

  1. Will my customers feel more confident or less confident about buying from me again?
  2. Is my solution best for the company as a whole or will it be a bad precedent?
  3. How do I use this as an opportunity to show what my company is made of?

Two Ways to Expect the Unexpected

  1. Make a list of anticipated problems based on your past experience and come up with viable solutions.
  2. Use a beta testing group to help you get the bugs out before you go public with a product.

There will be times when you have to call an audible. However, if you have constructed a mission statement, understand where you want your business to be five years from now, and how you want your business to be viewed, you can use those guiding principles to help you face any challenge. Remember, how you handle adversity will reveal the character of your company and will determine customer loyalty.

Listen in for a short talk on how to handle adversity and why proper implementation is important.


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