NO FEAR Planning and Transcripts for High School

Are you looking for an easy way to plan high school?

Are you experiencing the homeschooling high school jitters? It’s ok. It’s completely natural. The first wave of fear comes when we have to chose the subjects we will teach. The second wave comes when we realize that we just picked subjects that WE will teach. Once we realize that picking subjects wasn’t so bad and outsourcing teaching is available then we are stopped in our tracks by planning out the year and creating transcripts. Could it be possible that our kids will fall behind or their transcripts will be met with rolling eyes by those in college admissions? Let’s alleviate that fear with a simple solution–Homeschool Planet.


Take the Guess Work Out of High School Planning and Transcripts

Homeschool Planet is an online homeschool planner created by Homeschool Buyer’s Co-op. Wait…I see a few of you about to click away. Where did I lose you? Online planner? Planner? Before giving Homeschool Planet a try, that would have sent me running for the comfort of my messy desk with neglected printed planners. If I couldn’t handle a printed planner, how could I handle an online planner? It was hard enough to remember to open my print planner on my desk much less a password. However, as high school became a part of my homeschool, I felt I needed to become more organized so I could create proper transcripts. Ok, so here is the cool part. I became more organized and my reward was not having to create transcripts. Homeschool Planet did all the work for me! I will get to that in a minute. First, I want to tell you about a few things that sold me on trusting my homeschool organization to Homeschool Planet.

3 Things I Love About Homeschool Planet for High Schoolers

  1. Students have their own login. Allowing students to have their own login provides an opportunity to give your student independence and a hand at time management. This is great prep for college.
  2. Students can be emailed or texted assignments and reminders. I love this feature because I don’t have appear to be nagging. I can send a non-threatening simple reminder. This way I don’t feel like I am hovering over my son. I am allowing him the ability to plan his day and take an active part in his education from a planning standpoint. Skills that involve time management and independence are essential for college. Yet, in the short term, these reminders are great motivators! I must say I didn’t expect a planner to encourage getting work done. What a bonus!
  3. Homeschool Planet can be accessed on smartphones and tablets. This allows for easy access and flexibility for the whole family.

3 Things I Love About Homeschool Planet for Families

    1. It’s more than a homeschool planner. Homeschool Planet will become your family’s hub or control center. The planner does not only cover homeschooling but life…all areas of life. Your family will stay informed and able to work as a team. All areas of family life can be added to the planner such as doctor appointments, work schedules, activities, co-op dates, field trips, and more!
    2. Syncs with other calendars. Homeschool Planet syncs with Google Calendar, iCal, or other popular family calendar applications.
    3. You can try it for FREE! No worries about buying something you won’t use. Although, I can pretty much guarantee you will use this. However, I also know what it is like to buy something and regret it. You will get ample time, 30 DAYS, to give it a try and learn all the value and functionality before making a purchase. Even better, yes it gets better, you won’t even need a credit card to get your free trial!

Wait! Didn’t you promise to tell us about high school transcripts?

No worries, I did not forget. In fact, I couldn’t forget because I find this feature worth the entire planner! Which is saying a lot since there are so many features from grades, attendance, easy communication, automated lessons, and so much more. Now, let’s get down to the business of transcripts.

The high school transcript is a record of your student’s high school accomplishments, classes, grades, achievements, and test scores. Compiling this record brings anxiety to many homeschool parents because it is the document required for college entrance. Parents want to be 100% sure they are doing it correctly. It can be an intimidating process to compile all that information for four years of high school.

Homeschool Planet Makes High School Transcripts Easy

So how easy? You won’t believe me. Well, after using the planner for any length of time to keep track of classes and grades, I click “reports” and a dropbox appears and I click “transcripts”.  I am then asked the date of graduation and how many years I want the transcript to include. Now, this is where things get pretty cool so lean in. I click “Ok”. Did you catch that? I click on “Ok” and VOILA! Yes, after I click a transcript is formatted and populated with the required information. I can change things or save it as is. Then I simply print it, sign it, and boom…done!

Here is an example of a 6th grade transcript.

high school transcript

Honestly, this is the best planner I have used since it combines every aspect of my family. It’s a one stop shop, a control center, or a family hub. No matter what you call it, I call it a year low on stress and high on organization. I can breath again. Thank you, Homeschool Planet.

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