Peaceful Home: Battling Fear through a Courageous Heart

Battling Fear through a Courageous Heart

Fear is a natural human response to anything we perceive as a danger. Learning to have courage can seem like a big task to a small child. Many times courage is difficult for us adults too. How do we combat feelings of fear? How do we keep fear from controlling our actions and lives? Whether it is being afraid of the dark or our financial future, the steps taken to defeat fear are the same. Remember that courage does not mean fear disappears as it is the ability to face a fearful situation. We will experience fear in our lives but the key is how we handle that fear and who we allow to control our heart and actions.


Steps to Enacting Courage in our Lives

  1. Praying God to take it from us.
  2. Studying the Word
  3. Memorizing Scripture

Sounds too easy? We often feel we need to do something. We want to take control over our fear so we won’t feel that way again. We want to encourage our children to summon their strength and face fear head-on. I suppose this would be valid if we sought courage from ourselves. We do not face fear alone nor do we equip ourselves with courage. We recognize our fear and go to the Lord for strength and He provides us the courage we need to keep moving. When we are faithful we are not fearful.

Teaching Biblical Courage in 5 Minutes a Day!

In just 5 minutes a day for 5 days, you can encourage your child to fight her fear with faith. The second of edition of Peaceful Home will be your guide to a faithful walk and a courageous heart. Don’t miss it! This guide is free for one month! It is designed so you can add it to any schedule or curriculum. Just download and go! Enjoy it as a family or a student devotional.





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