Brainy Days Warm-Ups: January Edition


Brainy Days January Edition! Who doesn’t love a low stress and high entertaining quiz? Use it with one child, all the kids, or use it for writing prompts. This month will continue to inspire laughter and a wonderful time together!

Format:  PDF Download (2 pages: calendar and answer sheet)

Ages: All Ages

Pages: 1


Do your kids love little quizzical books and games? They are going to LOVE our Brainy Days Warm Ups Calendar Series.

January Brainy Days

With 5 questions per week for 4 weeks a month, you can begin your school day with these little brain exercises to get those neurons firing correctly before getting to the “hard stuff” of homeschooling.

Is one quiz question not enough? Go back and download our previous Brainy Days Warm-Ups:

These downloads are so much fun.

Use them as a conversation starter around the breakfast table or an intriguing writing prompt to warm up those tired brains in the morning.

Come back and let us know your favorite way to use Brainy Days by leaving us a review!


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