Pray for your Pastor Prayer Calendar

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Download your own Pray for your Pastor Prayer Calendar: Simply go to the day of the month and pray through the topic and scripture, allowing the Spirit to lead your prayers.
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FREE Pray for your Pastor Prayer Calendar

And I will give you shepherds after my own heart, who will feed you with knowledge and understanding. ~ Jeremiah 3:15

Lately I’ve been feeling a call to pray for our pastor and his family. This is an area where we can come humbly to God on behalf of the shepherd of our congregation and faithfully lift him up in prayer. I don’t think there is any better way to bless and support a pastor, do you?

Here is a calendar you can use to pray for your pastor. Simply go to the day of the month and pray through the topic and scripture, allowing the Spirit to lead your prayers. Post your prayer calendar in a place where you will see it often: the kitchen, the bathroom, by the bed, etc. Read the entry for the day as a part of your quiet time or as you’re hustling along in your day. Some days you may send up a quick prayer and some days you may be led to look up the scriptures and spend time with God, praying over your pastor and the congregation.

Praying for these leader-servants is an act of service and a wonderful way to bless your church. Pastors have a great responsibility and are often the target of criticism, fatigue, discouragement, and attacks of the enemy. It is a worthy task to take up the responsibility of prayer for them.

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