Turkey Talk: Unit Study on the Science of Turkeys

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Do your kids love turkeys? What better time to study them then at Thanksgiving? My friend, Brianna, and I have created a complete unit study for your to do in your homeschool this holiday season. Turkey Talk is all about the science of turkeys, and it will definitely get you and your kids talking! Have fun learning facts and completing a FUN Thanksgiving Turkey themed craft!


FREE Turkey Talk Science Unit Study on Turkeys

Turkey Talk is just one FREE printable pack in a series of five! Host a unit study in your homeschool this Thanksgiving covering every subject from language arts to science, from Bible to History. Your kids will have so much fun completing all of the arts, crafts, and activities within. You might even learn some new fun facts too! For ages 5-10, click on the units of your choice below!

Don’t stop just here.  Follow the links below to collect all the FREE printable packs in the series.

1.) Cultivating Thankful Hearts: A Unit Study on Thankfulness from a Biblical Perspective

2.) Tt is for Turkey: A Thanksgiving Themed Language Arts Lesson

3.) A History of Thankfulness: A Unit Study on the History and Tradition of Thanksgiving (4 Full Lessons!)

4.) Turkey Talk: A Unit Study on the Science of Turkeys

5.) Color Me Thankful: A Collection of Thanksgiving themed Coloring Pages

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Lindsey is a stay at home, work from home mom to six children eight years and younger. She homeschools and enjoys large family living. When Lindsey is not changing diapers, cleaning, and cooking meals in her awesome Instant Pot, she is DIY-ing her way around the house. Where she loves learning new skills, her heart is in sharing with other women the message of the Gospel and showing them how to instill those truths in the hearts of their children.


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