You are NOT Qualified to Homeschool

Are You Qualified to Homeschool?

“What qualifies you to homeschool?”

Have you ever been asked that?

Have you asked yourself that question?

We live in a world where the education of our children is routinely handed off to a system. The thought is that a system made up of standardized tests and teachers is best able to educate children. Anytime someone deviates from the accepted norm the result is backlash. Family, friends, and professionals in education challenge homeschool moms to prove they are able to handle a child’s entire education. Can you handle holding your child’s entire education in your hands? Well, the truth is that you already do. Whether you decide to send your child to school or homeschool the decision in how your child is educated belongs to you.

So You Think You Can Homeschool?

Once you decide to homeschool you will be filled with fear. Fear that you will fail your child. Fear you won’t provide your child all the necessary resources. Feeling fear is not an indicator that you are not able to handle homeschooling your child. The fear comes from a deep love and desire to provide your child the best. You see, the love that causes us to fear failing will be the same love that drives us to find victory. There is no one who is a bigger advocate for your child than you. If you can teach a subject you will find someone or some curriculum that will. If your child is struggling there is no one who will work harder and longer to find a solution. You do not fail by finding an answer outside of yourself. There is no shame in hiring a tutor, using an online class, purchasing DVD based curriculum, or any other type of outsourcing that you find necessary. You are more than teaching your child. You are overseeing your child’s whole education.

It may sound too simple to say heart will get you through homeschooling. Yet, do you doubt a mom’s heart for her child? I’m not especially talented in many areas of study but my heart for homeschooling found solutions. Science and math are not my strong suits yet with the help of other homeschool moms and the right curriculum we are succeeding. I use my talents to enhance my homeschool. I use my heart to drive my children to learn. I use my wisdom to find solutions where I have shortcomings. And you know what? You will also.

Qualifications of a Homeschool…

Do you think you will make the cut? Let’s see…

  • Do you have your child’s best interest a heart?
  • Are you committed to your child’s success?
  • Are you prepared to provide an education, either by you or using other resources, that gives your child the best start in life?
  • Are you scared and nervous but yet determined to forget this path?
  • Are you ready to stop listening to the naysayers or even to your own negative thoughts?
  • Are you ready to lay pride aside and seek wisdom when appropriate?

If you answered yes to these questions then you ARE qualified to homeschool. It is the commitment parents have to their child that determines a child’s success not the parents’ education level or IQ.

We all know that moms can experience burnout or sickness comes along for mom or the kids and throws everything off balance. These are the kind of triggers that can make a mom feel like she is not meant to homeschool. In reality, it is not unusual for the best of us to experience burn out. But you can help prevent it or even give yourself a break.

Homeschool Mom's Burnout and Sick Day Toolkit

Homeschool Mom’s Burnout & Sick Day Toolkit

This planner will help you keep your sanity when things get crazy inĀ  your home. We all feel burned out at times and we all get sick. What is a homeschool mom to do? The last thing we need is one more thing to make use feel like we are failing. The best way to combat this is to prepare! Get your copy today! It’s on sale!!!!

Homeschool Mom’s Burnout & Sick Day Toolkit, is your answer to suriviving the blahs and the sniffles in your homeschool.


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