Reading Horizons Elevate: Just when I thought nothing would work…

Reading Horizons Elevate:  Just when I thought nothing would work...

Reading with Confidence. Reading at the right Pace. Reading Horizons.

It is no secret that I am a fan of Reading Horizons.  It has been my pleasure to review for Reading Horizons in the past, like this post about the Discovery program.  I also named it one of my top three favorite reading programs in another post.  So before we go a step further, let’s state the obvious, I did get the program in exchange for a review and I am a Reading Horizons affiliate.  I would love it if you purchased your program through my Reading Horizons affiliate link.  However, I am more concerned that you give it a chance than buy through my link.  Truly.  They allow you a 30-day trial for only $10.

If you want to know about the specs of the Elevate program, I encourage you to visit the site.  You see, to me this is not a promotional effort but a heart issue.  If you are a mom of a struggling reader, you have done your research. You want to know the specifics but more importantly you want to hear from another mom who knows the hurting heart of raising a child who struggles.  Let’s face it, these programs are expensive and you need real solutions.

A Word on Our Struggle

My dining room table has felt the tears of a child desperately trying, for the tenth time, to read a simple sentence.  Through suppressed tears, I continued to encourage, allowing for breaks when my tears broke through.  I sat and wondered if I was capable of teaching my child how to read.  She was 6 years old when I knew her struggle to read was more than a phase or a refusal to learn.  My instincts were correct and she was diagnosed with dyslexia.  I sought advice and support from anywhere I could find it. I was not going to leave any stone unturned until my child could make progress reading.

Seeing your child think of herself as anything less than bright and amazing is heartbreaking.  At the point of desperation to find an answer you will try just about anything.  I stood where you are standing now.  From one mom to another, don’t buy every program under the sun and toss it in a month because it isn’t “working”.  Dyslexia requires consistency and repetition.  Often it requires support from someone who will tell you on those rough days that rough days are normal.  Dyslexics simply do not read through the same methods as everyone else.  Teaching a dyslexic child requires a new mindset, new goals, and a new plan.

Why I love Reading Horizons

So, why did I choose Reading Horizons over all the other programs?  Desperation.  I jumped at the chance to review the program because I was lost.  I did not expect it to “work” so much as I needed to do something.  I needed to provide my child another outlet.  I needed to provide hope. Elevate. Even the name inspires hope.  Thankfully, I stumbled into a program that works for my child.
She is making progress.
Reading Horizons provided me much needed relief.
Reading Horizons Elevate:  Just when I thought nothing would work...
Finally, I am confident about teaching my child.  The reason is not just because Reading Horizons is an amazing product.  The Reading Horizons difference is in the people behind the product.  The people are the number one reason I recommend Reading Horizons first.  The support is unlike any other product. I can tell you from a behind the scenes blogger perspective, they want and implement feedback.  They don’t measure success by selling the most products but by producing the most readers. The site offers invaluable information on how to teach the lessons.  If you still require help, it is only a phone call away.  They understand the needs of a struggling reader and your need to feel confident in teaching your child.  So whether your child is ready for the Discovery program for 4-9-year-olds or Elevate for 10-adult, you can feel confident that not only will have you an amazing program but the support behind it to see to your success.
Reading Horizons Elevate:  Just when I thought nothing would work...
To my delight and my daughter’s dismay, the online Elevate program is set up for mastery.  This means, a child never slides by but masters the lesson.  I have complete access to her progress, which I am proud to keep a close eye on.  In addition, we have the workbooks, which provide additional reinforcement.  My dyslexic child, who has trouble with memory, has memorized a few lessons and all the spelling rules thus far.  I once found her saying the lesson along with the program since she kept having to repeat it.  Turns out, she passed but did not finish the vocabulary portion so the program was prompted to repeat until she completed the entire lesson.  All was not lost, I got a giggle and she will never forget lesson 15.
A few fun things about Elevate;  you can change your background to a few different colors to make reading easier and you can change the narration voice.
Now you may ask if my daughter loves it as much as me.  No. She does not love learning to read. She loves the progress she is making and the confidence that comes with completing a lesson. She enjoys being able to complete something independently.  My daughter is severely dyslexic and even at 9 years old, I must be in constant contact with her to complete assignments. Progress and independence…who can beat that?
Reading Horizons Elevate:  Just when I thought nothing would work...
Ready to experience the Reading Horizons difference or give it a 30-day trial?  Visit Reading Horizons for all the details.
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