Sweet and Refreshing Blood Orange Popsicles

Sweet and Refreshing Blood Orange Popsicles

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Do you feel that?

The warmer weather, the shining sun, the sound of the ice cream man’s singing truck in the distance?

Spring weather is almost upon us. It’s 60 degrees in Philadelphia today and I could have sworn I saw someone in shorts this morning (or maybe I’m hallucinating from the lack of coffee so early in the AM, who knows).

So what better time than now to break out one of my favorite warm-weather traditions – homemade popsicles!

Sweet and Refreshing Blood Orange Popsicles

We’re still on the tail end of blood orange season, so if you can catch your produce store’s last batch of the ruby-red citrus, do it! If you can no longer find blood oranges, no sweat–simply sub in regular ole’ naval oranges. 

Sweet and Refreshing Blood Orange Popsicles

The best part of this recipe is how simple it is. Personally I love homemade ice cream, but have you ever tried to make it? It definitely requires work plus the purchase of a machine. Popsicles are a billion times easier. You can find popsicle molds online or in stores for almost nothing (I got mine from Ikea for less than five dollars).

Sweet and Refreshing Blood Orange Popsicles



Sweet and Refreshing Blood Orange Popsicles

Sweet and Refreshing Blood Orange Popsicles


  • 3 cups orange juice (you may need more or less, depending on the size of your molds)
  • 1 blood orange, juiced
  • 1 blood orange, very thinly sliced with rind on or off (your preference)


  1. Mix orange juices together in a medium bowl.
  2. Place a few orange slices in each popsicle mold and pour juice inside mold.
  3. Follow directions as instructed for your particular molds and place in freezer.
  4. Enjoy on a warm Spring day!

This recipe was created by Kelly Galloway.

Lindsey S

Lindsey is a stay at home, work from home mom to six children eight years and younger. She homeschools and enjoys large family living. When Lindsey is not changing diapers, cleaning, and cooking meals in her awesome Instant Pot, she is DIY-ing her way around the house. Where she loves learning new skills, her heart is in sharing with other women the message of the Gospel and showing them how to instill those truths in the hearts of their children.


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