Teaching through Noah and the Flood

Noah and the Flood is considered one of the most popular stories in the Bible.

This biblical account is not just a cute little children’s tale though when you think about it. It is in fact, a detailed description of one of the most tragic events in human history, next to Adam and Eve’s sin in the Garden.

How do we teach the lessons presented to us in the Bible concerning Noah and the Flood to a preschooler? Download a FREE Bible Lesson on Noah and the Flood written with preschoolers in mind below!Looking for more Bible Lessons from Talking Mom2Mom? CLICK HERE to browse all of our Bible-based lessons.

Preschool at Home: Noah and the Flood Bible Lesson

Teaching Tough Truths

My children and I have been reading through Genesis for the last semester. There are so many BIG truths to explain for little hearts and ears packed into those 50 chapters. It has made for some interesting conversations concerning things that may not be very savory like murder, adultery, polygamy, and more.

The story of Noah and the Flood has no lack of these tough truths to explain.

The Noah and the Flood Bible Lesson for Preschoolers will answers tough questions in a way that your child can understand:

  • Why did God say he “regretted” and was “grieved” by his Creation?
  • How did Noah fit all of the animals on the ark?
  • What did God mean for us to learn from Noah and the Flood?

In a straightforward read aloud lesson, your child will be introduced to Noah and hisĀ  family, as well as, the building of the ark, the event of the Flood, and the promises of God toward Noah and his Creation.

Preschool at Home: Noah and the Flood Bible Lesson

What is Included?

Included in the 9 page download of Noah and the Flood Bible Lesson for Preschoolers you will find …

  • A detailed 4 page lesson
  • Colorful illustrations
  • ESV scripture copywork
  • KJV scripture copywork
  • 1 rainbow coloring page
  • 1 resource page for further reading and activities

Use this printable as a homeschool Bible lesson or simple Sunday School lesson for small classes to teach about Noah and the Flood and what God intended its account in His Word to teach us today. Click below to get your copy!

Preschool at Home: Noah and the Flood Bible Lesson

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