The Homeschool Morning Board


The Homeschool Morning Board

In my homeschool we have been using the Homeschool Morning Board for a few years. I came up with this simple idea one afternoon as I was cleaning up the school supplies and found boxes of neglected flash cards. As a Charlotte Mason inspired homeschooler, I already displayed images of works of art. Fusing the idea of displaying images and making good use of my neglected flash cards I came up with the Morning Board. I happened to have the frame, so that day I attached the cards and it began. The kids had a great time going over the cards each morning. We even made a little friendly (or not so friendly at times) competition out of who could answer questions like, “what is the capital of Texas?”, the fastest.

How to Use the Morning Board

After you decide which flash cards you will use on your Morning Board, display about 6-10 of them on your board. Your board can be a frame, tact board, or magnetic board. Go over each flash card with your children. You only need to spend a few minutes on each card. After 2 to 4 weeks, refresh your board with new cards. Some cards you may want to switch out every couple of days or daily like number cards, letter cards, or a brain teaser. Before I switch out the cards I play a game or “quiz” the kids on the cards. They really enjoy it but this step isn’t necessary.

Ideas for Your Morning Board

There are no rules. You can use index cards to write verses, quotes, facts, vocabulary, or math equations. Most likely, you have some flash cards around that you can implement. I found several great flash cards at the dollar store, Target, and on Amazon. The subject matter can include lessons you are trying to reinforce or facts you want your kids to learn that don’t quite fit in with your current studies.

Here are a list of ideas:

  • Vocabulary
  • Latin and Greek roots
  • Number or Letter cards
  • Math facts
  • Brain teasers
  • President cards
  • Dinosaur cards
  • Artist or works of art cards
  • Elements on the periodic table
  • States and capitals
  • Countries and capitals
  • Planets
  • History facts


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