How to Teach Your Child to Think Like an Innovator

It has been said that innovation is the key to success. However, creativity is often confused with innovation. As homeschool parents, we focus much of our attention on fostering creativity within our children. In doing so, it is possible to neglect the other part of the equation: the execution of that creative idea. The dividing line between being creative and being an innovator is being able to convert a unique idea into a successful endeavor.

How to Teach Your Child to Think Like an Innovator

The Benefits of STEM

STEM has become the new buzz word in the world of education. This acronym stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. Not only are these subjects very interesting and a lot of fun for kids to explore, but there are so many long-lasting benefits to learning them such as increased creativity, the ability to problem-solve, not to mention the myriad of career opportunities these avenues open up in our modern world.

I want my kids to at least be exposed to these subjects, even if they don’t pursue a STEM-type career. What a great way to get their minds moving in a different way than just the usual Language Arts and Mathematics lessons.

Check out the video below to see why STEM education is so important for your child!

Innovator’s Tribe

This year I enrolled my daughter into Innovator’s Tribe. I have been very intrigued by this program for some time, so when the opportunity presented itself to review their online courses, I had to jump on it.

Innovator’s Tribe’s description as listed on their website states, “ is the perfect online resource for students grades 5-9 who want to learn how to DESIGN, BUILD and CREATE the world of tomorrow.”

We have completed the “How to Think Like an Innovator” FREE course. You can sign up today and watch that course for free too! Click here.

She started the “Thinking Like an Architect” course this week and is totally obsessed … I am not exaggerating. She walked into the kitchen the other day and proceeded to very animatedly tell me all that she learned. This was followed by her imploring me to tell everyone that would read Talking Mom2Mom that they need this for their kids. She said “Please tell them how cool this is!” If you continue to read, you will find out just how cool Innovator’s Tribe is!

Quality Online Courses

The Innovator’s Tribe online courses present their lessons with a mix of high quality videos and interactive slide presentations. Your student will also learn through engaging hands-on activities and design challenges using 3D design software.

I have been thoroughly impressed by the high quality of the videos included in the Innovator’s Tribe Online courses. They are thorough and look very professional. They are also a lot of fun for even me to watch! My daughter is beside herself excited to use the 3D design software.

The course options available now include the following:

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What are other students saying?

“The best part of my day was getting to build things and learn about innovation!” – Thomas

“I loved all the activities! This class was by far the most fun I had of all my classes.” – Syrina

“This online class helped me to better understand how math and science are used to create some cool stuff!” – Emily

Innovator Tribe’s ONLINE courses are for EVERY student! Give your 5-9th grade student this online exercise in applied math, science, innovation and design. View the video below to get a closer look.


High School Transcripts and Course Credits

As your homeschooled children enter middle school it is important that you start keeping track of what your child is learning for their high school transcripts. Innovator’s Tribe can help you fill those credits!

Nearly each of these courses are 30 hours long. These courses may be used as components of your science curriculum as they fill about one school year quarter per course. They may also be used as an elective course, with one course fulfilling 1/4 credit per course. Many students have easily earned 1 full credit by purchasing multiple courses and completing all of the activities and challenges.

Still Need Convincing?

I would highly recommend that you head over to Innovator Tribe’s website and look around.

Technological literacy is for everyone and is so much more than just knowledge about computers. It is about having knowledge about the nature, behavior, power, and consequences of technology from a real world perspective. – Wayne Kroeplin

If you have a student in grades 5-9, these courses are for you, and for a limited time you can get 35% OFF any single course or 55% OFF the purchase of all 3 courses! CLICK HERE to explore Innovator’s Tribe.

Sign up for a free account to view the FREE How to Think Like an Innovator Course here.

We are loving these online courses and all of the activities they provide to inspire creativity and to teach the skills necessary for innovation. I know you will see the benefits too!

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